How To Make a Vacation Brochure

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Places to go and people to see! The important question is, which place to go to first? More and more people are investing their hard-earned money on vacations, and even despite the recession many families still opt to travel to scenic places to enjoy their well-earned leaves and holidays.

If you’re the owner of a vacation spot and you would want to attract more customers to your area, one of the best things you could do is to make a vacation brochure. If you’re looking to know of ways to make a travel brochure, here are some steps you could do:

  1. Hire a photographer to take pictures. This is one of the primary things you should invest in when making a vacation brochure. Most people are visually-inclined, and so the part of the brochure that would best help people determine whether they would want to go to that place is the pictures. That’s why it’s a good idea to hire a professional who specializes in photographing scenery and nature. To make efficient use of time, make sure that you locate beforehand which areas you’d want to highlight in your brochure, and what times they should be photographed (during the sunset? Or does it look better during sunrise?).
  2. Decide on a theme. Which customers would you like to patronize your tourism business? Are you targeting families with small kids, honeymooning couples, or young, single professionals? Your target market should be reflected on your vacation brochure design. So for example you’d like your customers to be families with small children, your vacation brochure should be decorated with designs appealing to children. Some examples of designs would be (depending on which is appropriate to your vacation spot) cartoon images of the sun, the beach, happy little kids, etc.
  3. Know what to highlight. Again, what you highlight will depend mostly on your target customers. If your target customers are couples on their honeymoon, highlight in your brochure different packages that would specially appeal to them. For example, you could highlight the jacuzzis and romantic restaurants that are available in the vacation destination you are writing about.
  4. Clearly write about what the customers could expect to find. Try not to use overgeneralized terms that could apply to virtually any vacation spot. Write about what’s so special about your vacation spot. This should also help you brainstorm on ways that you could make your vacation destination stand out from the rest.
  5. And don’t exaggerate! One thing about tourism is that word gets around, and if you make fantastic claims in your vacation brochure and yet fail to deliver, you would expect less and less customers over time. So before you create your brochure, make an effort to make your vacation spot really polished and special. Once you’ve had this covered, your vacation brochure will simply tell the truth about how people should take the time to visit your promoted travel destination. It will simply be to their loss if they never get to visit your special place.

There you have it! These just some of the things to help you out when you’re in the process of making a vacation brochure. Places to go and people to see? Definitely your place should be at the top of the list! Good luck!


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