How To Make a Velcro Display Board

This coming new year, it's a great idea to resolve to become more organized and productive. Being organized is just matter of knowing how to handle your schedule and your commitments efficiently, and to do this you'd need the proper frame of mind, motivation, and the right tools.

Thankfully, having the right tools for being organized doesn't necessarily mean having to shell out big bucks. It's so easy to make your own organizing tools that you'd probably wonder why you never did this sooner. And one of the tools that you could make in a jiffy is a velcro display board. If you're looking to know how to make a velcro display board, read on:

  1. Prepare your tools. You'd need a cork board, double-sided tape, velcro, the things you'd want to display on your board, and a pair of scissors. You could buy these supplies at a nearby office supply store, or you could also try online sites such as, and
  2. Determine where you'd like to hang your velcro display board. It's recommended that you hang it in a place where it is highly accessible to you, if it's for your personal use. That way you'd be more motivated to really use it consistently for your organizing needs. If you're making a velcro display board for announcement purposes, however, then make sure that you're going to put it up in a high-traffic area. Once you've decided on where you'd like your board to hang, put it up using strong double-sided adhesive.
  3. Make your visuals. You could easily create your displays by printing them out from your computer. Once you've printed out your displays, attach one side of the velcro to its back. Make sure that you cut the velcro to its appropriate size (depending on how big your visual is). Attach the other side of the velcro on the corkboard, on the spot where you'd like to put up the visual.
  4. Once you've hung the corkboard with the velcro strips, you could now post your displays. There are so many practical applications to this tool; for example, you could use it as a reminder on the upcoming events and activities for the week; you could also use it to remind you of your daily tasks. Also, your office division could use it to post announcements for everybody's information.

The greatest thing about having a velcro display board is that the displays can be changed very easily, so if you'd need to post announcements that change on a regular basis, then this is really the way to go. Also, realize that you'd need minimum effort to construct this tool (give yourself about 20 to 30 minutes, tops); the important thing is that it is regularly maintained so that only the latest announcements, reminders and updates are posted.

This coming 2010 is really the year to be organized. Here's to being excellent and outstanding in carrying out your tasks and responsibilities, and all with the least amount of effort necessary! It's really time to work smarter! Good luck! 


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