How To Make a Wallet Liner

Your wallet may be the home of your money and the photos of those you hold dear, but it is often bland and boring. Spice up the wallet by individualizing the interior design or use a wallet liner for more practical reasons. If you want to make your wallet last longer, consider adding a wallet liner. Liners can be created out of leather for extended durability, or from nylon cloth. The basic steps are the same for each type of liner.

Step 1

Gather your tools and materials:

  • Card stock to create liner template
  • Ball point pen
  • Scissors
  • Glue

Additionally for leather liners:

  • Piece of soft, flexible leather 1" larger than the wallet on all sides
  • Leather needle and thread or lacing
  • Leather hole punch

Additionally for nylon liners:

  • Piece of nylon fabric 1" larger than the wallet on all sides
  • Needle and thread

When using a leather liner, try to match the liner with the exterior leather and choose a thin piece to avoid bulking up the wallet.

Nylon fabrics can be used to blend in with the exterior or set a decorative tone with a paisley design or bright fabric that makes the piece your own designer accessory.

Step 2

Create a liner template. Since each wallet is different, it is difficult to find templates for liners. Liners can be used inside any pocket or fold of a wallet. The easiest way to create a template is to place a piece of card stock on the exterior of the section of the wallet needing a liner. Use the ball point pen to trace around the exterior. Cut the template just inside the pen lines so the liner will be slightly smaller than the wallet.

Step 3

Use the template to cut liner sections. Place the template on the liner fabric, either nylon or leather. Cut around the template for each of the liner shapes.

Step 4

Secure liner pieces. Once you have the individual shapes, place them inside the wallet with a fine layer of glue. Let the glue dry. You can use the template to hold the wallet open so that the liner sides are not glued together by mistake.

Step 5

Reinforce liner. Using the needle and thread or the leather lacing, secure the liner by sewing the seams. If using lacing, use the punch to create holes large enough for the lacing and each stitch over the exterior to create a decorative effect to the exterior of the wallet.

These simple steps are all it takes to get years more life out of your wallet. The same steps can be applied to men's and women's wallets as well as purses and tote bags. Spend less than an hour creating a liner that fits your wallet perfectly -- your wallet will last as a durable piece no matter how often you use it.


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