How To Make a Wax Mask

Making your own wax mask is a fun and exciting activity. It may take a while to do it but you will surely beam with pride over your creation once you see the finished product. A wax mask has many uses. You may wear it for Halloween, birthday, masquerade and Christmas parties or any gathering for that matter. You may also use it as a hanging decoration in your room or the living room to serve as a nice conversation piece with friends.

It is easy to make a wax mask. Here are the steps:

  1. Prepare all the materials. You will need: scissors, razor knife, tin can, newspaper, cloth strips, strips of plaster, petroleum jelly or lotion, big box of crayons, candle or gas stove and pliers and glue gun (optional). Make sure you also have a ready fire extinguisher near you in case of accidents with the stove or candle. But you will need help, so call someone to assist you with the procedure.
  2. Construct the foundation or plaster base of your mask. To begin, apply petroleum jelly or lotion generously on your face. Next, ask your assistant to wet the strips of plaster and place them on your face. Make sure your whole face is covered, except nostrils and mouth. Put on a few layers of the strips until your face is fully covered.
  3. Slowly take off the plaster base from your face and leave it to dry completely. When it’s dried, punch holes on the plaster where you can fasten the ties. Next, make holes for the eyes and nose with a sharp razor knife or cutter. Then make the sides of the plaster base smooth with a pair of sturdy scissors, following the shape you want.
  4. Clear the dining table or kitchen counter top so you can work more freely near the stove and sink. Line the work area with newspaper to protect the surface.
  5. Remove the label of each crayon stick. Put a crayon one at a time in the tin can and hold the can above a lit candle or gas stove. Next, pour the melted crayon immediately on the plaster base of your mask, taking care that it is spread evenly. Repeat this step with all the other remaining crayons until you are satisfied with the blended colors of your mask.
  6. Add a more personal touch on your wax mask by putting trimmings such as glitters, buttons, feathers, stickers, piping and ribbons. You will need a glue gun to attach these decorations. You may want to stick a couple of feathers on the eyelids to serve as eyelashes. Or you may also place glitters with the use of adhesive sprays. Be imaginative. Create a unique look for your mask.
  7. Apply finishing touches by removing the extra wax from the rims of the mask as well as on the holes.

Wax mask making is one way of letting out your creative self. There are no age restrictions on this project as it can be done by anyone. However with small children and senior people, assistance from a competent adult is necessary. Likewise you should take care in handling the flame and hot melted crayons so your project will not turn into a disaster. 


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