How To Make a Wedding Bouquet with Plumeria

Materials required:

  • Twelve Plumeria stems
  • Twelve stems of greenery
  • Nine stems of Baby’s Breath
  • Eight pearl sprays
  • Eight feet of two inch satin ribbon
  • Bouquet holder with a floral foam insert
  • Sharp scissors
  • Glue gun with extra glue sticks

One of the most exquisite flowers in the world is the exotic Plumeria. Plumeria is a plant that blooms from April through November. They will add a bit of the tropics to any wedding bouquet. A bouquet can be round or long. A less formal wedding will require a smaller bouquet. The bouquet should enhance the dress, not overpower the gown.

Lay all the supplies out on a table. Begin by holding the bouquet holder upside down in a bucket of water. The foam insert should be saturated. Shake off all the excess water and dry the outside of the holder. Put the holder in a tall vase. This will hold the bouquet straight as you work.

Start the bouquet with the chosen greenery. For a round bouquet the stems should be five inches long. Place a stem firmly into the foam insert. Place nine more stems equally around the bouquet holder forming a perfect circle.

The Plumeria will go in next. Cut six stems to six inches. Cut three stems to eight inches, two to nine inches and one to ten inches. The ten inch stem will be placed in the center of the bouquet. The two ten inch stems will be place between the first Plumeria stem and the greenery Place one in the front of the bouquet and the second in the back of the bouquet. The two nine inch stems will be placed on the sides of the bouquet at equal distances from the center to the greenery. Place the remaining stems throughout the bouquet. Remember to push all stems firmly into the floral foam.

Cut each piece of Baby’s Breath into three sections. Place throughout the bouquet filling in any empty spaces. Pieces of the remaining greenery may also be used to fill in any open areas. These pieces must be placed equally on all sides of the bouquet. This will keep the bouquet even. The pearl sprays will be added between the Baby’s Breath and the Plumeria.

Finish the bouquet with the satin ribbon. Put two drops of glue at the bottom of the holder. Place the middle of the ribbon firmly on the glue. Start at the bottom of the holder and begin to wrap the ribbon tightly around the holder. Place drops of glue as needed to keep the ribbon tightly wound around the handle. At the top of the handle cross the two pieces of ribbon and glue to the handle. The remaining ribbon should be trimmed to hang about eight inches below the bottom of the handle. The bottoms edges should be cut at an angle to prevent unraveling.


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