How To Make a Wind Chime from Spoons

In making a wind chime, you don’t need to go along the traditional wind chime ideas. Because a wind chime is all about sound, you can use practically anything that creates a musical clatter—old spoons, for example. When you make a wind chime out of spoons, not only are you maximizing your craftsmanship potentials, you also are turning old spoons into something functional. Here’s how you can make a spoon wind chime.

  1. Collect your materials and tools. To make a spoon wind chime, you need to have four spoons, two forks (or a rake head, or anything from which you can hang the spoons), drill, fishing line, and nose pliers. You many want to have extra spoons and forks on hand if ever the others break in the process.
  2. Work on the utensils. Make a hole on the handle of each spoon. Make sure there is a 1/8-inch distance from the edge of the handle. Do the same to the chime fork, the one that you will hang with the spoons to make a sound. Using a metal file, smooth the sharp edges of the holes. Next, work on the other fork, which you will use to hang the spoons and the chime fork. Create a hole on the fork’s flat surface below the handle. This is where you will hang the chime fork. Then, using nose pliers, bend the two inner tines 90° toward the front and back, and the two outer tines 90° toward each side. Carefully curl the tines’ ends to make a loop and the fork handle’s end to create a hook with which you will hang the wind chime. 
  3. Assemble the wind chime. Use a heavy fishing line to hang the chime fork onto the middle hole of the other fork. Make sure the chime fork is hung approximately 6 inches from the fork. Then, tie a length of fishing lines to the holes on each spoon and attach them to the tine loops. Make sure the fishing lines are tightly tied; otherwise, the chimes may fall off if a strong wind hits the wind chime. 
  4. Find a spot for the wind chime. What other place in the house is a spoon wind chime fitting than the kitchen? Aside from its sound, the sight of a hanging wind chime in the kitchen makes cooking and eating even more pleasurable. But still, you can hang the spoon wind chime in other places like your garden or patio.

Because it is easy to make and inexpensive, a spoon wind chime can be a perfect gift for friends and family. But in this case, you need to have plenty of spoons. To meet the demands of a bigger spoon wind chime project, try finding bargain-priced spoons at flea markets and discount stores. For some dollars, you can already buy bundles of spoons and forks. To make your wind chime even more appealing, add embellishments and beads to the strings. You can also use teaspoons in place of large spoons to make subtle but equally musical sound.


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