How To Make a Wood Picture Frame

Buying a picture frame for every picture that you want to display in your home can be expensive. Not only that, you will also have a hard time looking for the exact design of picture frame that you want. One solution to this is to make your own wood picture frame. You will save money by making your own picture frames. You can also customize the size and the design!

Here are the simple steps on how you can make your own wood picture frame:

1.    Gather materials. Gather or purchase all the materials that you will need for this project. These are:

  • Lumber (depending on how many frames you will make)
  • Wood glue
  • Tape measure
  • Pencil
  • Saw
  • Sandpaper
  • Frame hangers
  • Paint or embellishments

2.    Measure picture. The first step is to measure the size of the picture that you are going to frame. Take note of the measurement so that you can use it when you cut the lumber. Another thing you can do is to measure the picture against the wood and mark the wood with pencil.

3.    Cut lumber. The pencil marking you did earlier will be your guide for this step. Use the saw to cut the lumber into four pieces, one for each side of the frame. You may need to use working gloves for this step so that pieces of wood won’t hurt your hands while cutting.

4.    Put frame together. When you already have the four pieces for the frame, the next step is putting them together. Work on a flat surface when doing this step. Apply wood glue on the ends of each corner and attach them together. Wait for the wood glue to dry before continuing to the next step.

5.    Sand the frame. When the wood glue has completely dried, you can sand the frame with the sandpaper so that it will be smooth to the touch. You can sand the corners of the frame so that the edges will be smooth too.

6.    Decorate the frame. Use paint or other embellishments to decorate the picture frame according to your taste. You can use shells for beach vacation pictures or you can paint the frame in a plain color if you want to keep it simple.

7.    Add frame hanger. The last step is to put a frame hanger at the back of the picture frame. You can purchase these frame hangers from your local arts & crafts store. Just follow the directions that come with the frame hanger when you attach it to your frame. If you do not plan on hanging the picture frame and will instead use a stand, you may skip this step.

These are the simple steps on how you can create your very own wood picture frame. You can do all sorts of picture frames. Just follow these simple steps. By doing this project, you will be sure that you have one-of-a-kind picture frames that will be the envy of people who will see them.


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