How To Make a Wooden Spoon Puppet

Wooden spoons have other uses other than stirring pots of stews and mixing salads. You can turn these wooden spoons into different characters and create a puppet show to entertain the kids. Your puppet can be based on popular cartoon characters or you can create completely new ones using your imagination and suggestions from the kids. Below are instructions on how to make a wooden spoon puppet.

  • You will need several wooden spoons, scraps of brightly colored fabrics, ribbons, laces, sequins and small glittery stones. You can also use colorful buttons in different sizes, feathers and fake fur to decorate the puppets’ dresses and pipe cleaners.
  • The fabric you will use should be twice as long as the spoon handle and a bit wider than the length of the spoon handle. Fold the fabric in half.
  • Draw the dress pattern on paper. You will basically be creating a T-shaped long dress. Of course you can cut part of the wooden spoon handle and replace them with long piece of twisted pipe cleaners for legs to vary the style of the dresses for the puppets.
  • Cut the fabrics that you have folded in half based on your pattern. Open the folded fabrics and lay then flat on the table. You should put the decorations on the fabric at this stage before you sew the sides together. Hem the ends of the fabric for a cleaner look. Add the embellishments that you have chosen. Sew the sides together after you have finished adding the decoration.
  • Get four long pieces of pipe cleaners. Place the wooden spoon handle over two pipe cleaners and place another two on top of the handle. Wrap the middle part of the pipe cleaners tightly around the handle and twist the rest all the way to the end. Bend the ends of the pipe cleaners to resemble the hands. The pipe cleaners will the shoulders and arms of the puppets.
  • Cut a small slit in the middle, along the fold line of the dress. The slit should be just large enough for the handle of the wooden spoon to push through. Use craft glue or glue gun to stick the cloth in place. Push the pipe cleaner arms through the sleeves. Glue the hands to the top edge of the sleeves. Gather the dress around the waistline and tie it with a wide ribbon.
  • Draw the faces on the spoon. You can be very creative when you are doing this, using colored markers and adding glitter. You can even add another face to the back of the spoon for variety. Hair can either be drawn using colored markers or you can use different yarns and ribbons to make interesting and long hairstyles.
  • For alien looking puppets you can add pipe cleaner antennas and glue small colored stones at the tips or colored foam balls that you shaped yourself. The balls do not have to be exactly spherical. Nobody will complain if the balls are irregular in shape. After all these wooden spoon puppets are your own creation so you can decide on how they will look.

Look for a story or create one of your own for your puppet show. You can either do the puppet show yourself or ask the kids to devise their own. Prepare to videotape the event so that you can have a record of the fun you and the children have with your self-styled wooden spoon puppets.


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