How To Make a Xylophone Wind Chime

A xylophone is a percussion instrument that originated from Asia and Africa. The xylophone consists of different lengths of bars that produce different pitches. These bars that are on a xylophone can be used as a wind chime. Most wind chimes are made of wood or steel bars. You can make your very own unique xylophone wind chime from an old xylophone or even from a xylophone toy.

Here are the steps on how you can make your own xylophone wind chime:

  1. Materials for the project. Gather all the materials that you need for the project so that they can be within reach while you are working. The materials you need are a xylophone, ply wood, drill, wire, measuring tape, beaded metal key chains and a screwdriver. If you want to have a colorful xylophone, you can use a kid’s xylophone toy.
  2. Preparing the materials. Measure and cut a five-inch circle from the plywood and set it aside. You will also have to remove the keys on the xylophone. Use the screwdriver to do this. Once you have all the sound plates removed, put a beaded metal key chain on one of their holes.Drill the base of the chime. Get the plywood that you cut earlier. This is going to be where the sound plates will be hanging. Use the drill to put a hole at the center of the circle. Afterwards, measure about an inch away from the center of the circle and drill holes. Make sure to drill holes less a number from the number of xylophone plates that you have.
  3. Finishing the xylophone. Cut a piece of wire and tie it through the center hole. This wire will be the one you will use to hang the xylophone chimes. Afterwards, get a piece of the xylophone plate and hang it on the center hole. When the xylophone plate is secure, you can already continue to hang the rest of the xylophone plates on the other holes that you drilled on the wooden base.
  4. Using the xylophone. Hang your xylophone chime on a windy part of your house or outside in your garden. You will hear the sounds of the xylophone when the wind is strong.

These are the simple steps on how you can make your own xylophone wind chime. You can choose to make a wind chime with a high pitch or a low pitch. If you want a high pitched wind chime, use the shorter xylophone plates. Use the longer plates if you want a low pitched wind chime.

Making your own xylophone wind chime is simple and easy. You may even decorate them to fit the style of your house. You can paint over the xylophone plates or add decorations to the base plate of the wind chime. Another idea is to use other household items for your wind chime. You can use broken glass, metal pieces, old chandelier pieces and other items that you can think of.


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