How To Make Adult Footed Pajamas

Wearing footed pajamas give you that warm toasty feeling during cold nights. Unfortunately, adult footed pajamas are not available in most stores. You can make your own footed pajamas by following the steps below.


  • Your own flannel pajamas and slippers
  • Flannel fabric close to your flannel pajamas
  • 12” x 14” slipper gripper fabric
  • Spats pattern
  • Pattern paper
  • Pencil
  • Needle, thread and pins
  • Scissors


  • Cut out your left and right foot patterns from the slipper gripper fabric. Use your own slippers as a guide for the foot pattern. Make the shape oval rather than following and copying the curve of your instep. The size of the foot pattern should be bigger than your actual foot to allow for the seam. An allowance of ½” to 5/8” should be enough.
  • Make modifications on the spat pattern by creating a new one on pattern paper. Since the spat pattern will most likely be too short to cover the whole length of your foot and is not as wide as the legs of your pajamas, you will need to widen the upper portion of the pattern so that it can fit the legs of your pajamas. Each side of the spat has to be wide enough so that it can cover half of the leg of the pajama. Don’t forget to include an allowance for the seam on both sides of the pattern.
  • Extend the spat patterns’ two angled sides. The back side should reach up to the bottom of the heel with an allowance for the seam. The sloped side, the spat’s front side, should reach the toe of the sole pattern you made. This should cover your foot completely. Add an allowance for the seam. For the curved portion of the spat, the one that will encompass the soles, add in an allowance for the seam along the curved edge.
  • Using the new spat pattern, cut out a spat from your flannel fabric. You should end up with four pieces of cut fabric; two pieces per foot.
  • Sew the modified spats. The right sides should be together. Pins should be used to secure the pieces together as you sew. Once sewn together, the fabric should easily fit your foot. The top portion or neck of the sewn fabric should match the width of the pajamas’ legs. The size of the bottom of the sewn spat must be the same size as the cut gripper sole.
  • Work with one fabric spat first. Pin the matching sole to the spat and sew it with your needle and thread. You should sew the inside out so that when you invert the spat with the sole, it will resemble a shoe. Now you have the foot of your pajama. Do the same for the other set of spat and sole.
  • Attach one foot to one pajama leg. Turn your pajamas inside out and pin one foot to the inside part of one pajama leg. Use the crease of the pajama leg as your guide. The toe of the foot should be in front of the crease. Sew the foot to the pajama leg. Next, do the same for the remaining foot and the other pajama leg. Turn the footed pajama inside out and you are done!

With some sewing skills and a little patience, you can make your own footed pajama. Keep your footsies warm by giving this instructional guide a try!


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