How To Make an Airplane from a Plastic Bottle

It can be amazing, the things one can accomplish with normal household items and a little imagination. In fact, you can also make a multitude of different things from the items you typically throw away—like plastic bottles for instance. If you are bored and would like to try something new (and something odd at the same time), then keep on reading this article and you will find a particularly fun way of making a good-looking airplane from a plastic bottle. It can be made from any kind of plastic bottle as well, which makes this little project a great way to kill time and have a pretty interesting toy to show for it. It will not exactly make the best birthday gift for a growing boy, but it can be a great way of teaching the said boy how to make some toys of his own—which is a priceless gift in its own right.

  • First off, you need some materials. Aside from the plastic bottle itself, you are going to need some glue, bottle-caps or other round little objects, a pencil and eraser, a hammer and single, thick nail, some snips and a hat pin. Most if not all of these items can be found in a typical home, so it should not be too difficult to gather.
  • Divide some parts of the bottle into pieces and make yourself a propeller. By making smart use of your snips, you will be able to cut out certain pieces of the bottle while still retaining its shape. To get the most out of this, cut out the long bit of the bottom half of the bottle, and also cut off the round bottom itself. As for the propeller, you can make that particular part by making use of the rounded bottom and the snips. Simply follow the design of a normal propeller as you cut, and you should have one in no time.
  • Build the wings and the tail. For the wings of the little plastic plane, use the first piece you had cut out and gently snip a small part of it away first before snipping it right in the middle, leaving just a little bit connected. Afterwards, glue it to the top of the plastic bottle to complete the wings. As for the tail, the piece of plastic you had cut off from its wings will be used. You can choose to glue it already, or cut it a bit first so that you can follow the shape of a real plane’s tail.
  • Finish off the details. Glue in the bottle-caps you have on the lower part of the plastic bottle so that it can act as wheels, and use your hammer and nail to make small hole at the top of the plane so that you can hang it up on your ceiling, or perhaps on a tree. It is not necessary, but you can also paint and write up the details on your plastic plane if you wish.

And you have yourself a plane fashioned out of a simple plastic bottle. It may not seem much, but if you work on the details enough and choose the right kind of plastic bottle, you will actually come up with a decent plane that any child would enjoy.


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