How To Make an Amish Quilt

An Amish quilt is a quilt that uses a combination of traditional block patterns. This type of quilt uses only solid dark fabrics that range from colors red, blue and green. Amish quilts are made by Amish ladies. When they make quilts that do not have the appropriate design or color for their homes, they sell the quilts. This is one way for them to make a living.

An Amish quilt is easy to make since it uses only block patterns. You may make one for yourself if you want to.  Here are the steps on how to make an Amish quilt:

  1. Choose the design for your quilt. Since Amish quilts do not usually use patterns of patchworks, the preferred design for the pattern is a large geometric color fields.
  2. Duplicate the design. Duplicate two more copies of your chosen design. The first copy will be cut up into pieces for the quilt. The second copy is your guide in assembling the pieces of the quilt. The last copy is your reserved copy in case you commit a mistake.
  3. Choose the pattern for your quilt. As mentioned above, Amish quilts do not often use patchwork patterns. For the quilt pattern, the best choice is a remarkable inner design. The design may be inside a tapered border and a thicker external border. Amish quilts are usually bound with a color complementary to the pattern’s color.
  4. Choose the color of the fabric for your quilt. The recommended colors for the fabric of an Amish quilt should be profound and saturated colors. It is also recommended that you purchase black fabric pieces. These may help accentuate the colors of your quilt.
  5. Choose the type of fabric for your quilt. Fabrics made of cotton are better for Amish quilts than wool fabrics. Check the ready-made Amish quilts. You may find that most of them are made of cotton fabrics.
  6. Cut the chosen fabric. Cut the fabric according to the geometrical of your design. Make sure that you leave at least ¼ inch for the seam allowance for every piece that you cut.
  7. Use the design guide as the master pattern. Lay out the design guide on a flat surface. Then place the each cut piece on top of it. Place the each piece in its proper place.
  8. Sew the pieces of your Amish quilt. Saw the pieces together with the pieces facing right side up. Iron each sewed piece after stitching.
  9. Prepare for batting and backing. Lay the sewn pieces on top of the batting and the backing. Use a basting stitch. Temporarily sew all the way around to hold everything in place. Then you may quilt all the layers together.
  10. Iron the sewn Amish quilt. After quilting all the layers, iron the finished Amish quilt.

Follow these steps and you may find yourself holding your very own Amish quilt. Bundle yourself up with it during the cold season, or make one as a gift for a special someone.


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