How To Make an Assyrian Composite Bow

Composite bows made their first appearance in history around the same time as horses started being used for riding and for drawing chariots. They were a missile-like weapon used before guns were ever invented. Composite bows were soon adopted by Assyrians who used them to fight nomads. It can be considered a challenge, but anyone can learn how to make an Assyrian composite bow.

The first thing that is necessary is to gather the materials needed. You will need a table saw, knife, varnish, hacksaw, animal horn and hardwood. The other materials needed are epoxy, regular clamps and a lacquer brush.

Once you have gathered the materials then you can begin to make your Assyrian composite bow. The first thing you need to do is make the horn strips. Use the hacksaw to cut the animal horn in strips. Two strips are needed for the bow but extra strips are a good idea in case you make a mistake. Take the strips and boil them for at least two hours so they are flexible and you can flatten them.

It is now time to carve your handle for your Assyrian composite bow. This can be done by hand and should be fitted to fit your hand. Use hardwood for the handle of the bow.

Then you need to shape the bow's core. Use a table saw to cut it and the sander to smooth it down. The core should be the same length as your strips because they will be glued to the core. Then shape the ears.

With all the prep work finished, it is time to complete the steps to make your Assyrian composite bow. Use epoxy to glue the strips to the wooden core. Make sure to leave plenty of space to put the handle on. Take the clamps to hold everything together while the glue dries.

Glue the ears and the handle to the bow. The handle goes into the bows back.

The final two steps include cutting out a square in both ears so you can string the bow. Once you varnish and lacquer the bow you are finished.

We may not live in the pre-gunpowder age anymore but some people enjoy making their own custom bows. If you follow these steps you can learn to make an Assyrian composite bow that you will enjoy because it is was made especially for you.


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