How To Make an Eagle Sculpture

The eagle is a symbolism for many things. Some of the words that are associated with an eagle are protection, dominance, masculinity, authority and focus. Some people want to have sculptures of animals in their home to use as decorative items. These sculptures can be expensive when you buy them. Instead of buying, you can just make an eagle sculpture by yourself. All you need are a few materials for this project.

  • Materials that you need. The materials that you need for your eagle sculpture are screws, molding clay, a piece of plywood for the base of your sculpture and a wood support. You might also need to use needles or sharp materials that you can use to add details to the eagle sculpture. Have a picture of an eagle handy so that you can imitate it when you sculpt.
  • Prepare the base and support. Use the plywood that you have as a base for the sculpture. Make sure that the wood is thick and wide enough to support the size of the eagle that you are going to make. Use a wood support and attach it at the center of the base as a support for the sculpture. Use a screw to attach the support in place.
  • Making the eagle sculpture. Get a piece of clay and start to mold it on the support. Add more clay to form the shape of the head of the eagle. To do this, add more clay at the upper portion. Leave the lower portion thinner since that will be the eagle’s neck. Once you are happy with the shape of the head, you can start molding the beak. Attach the beak in front of the eagle’s head by molding it with the clay that is part of the head. Make the front part of the beak pointy. Next, locate where you want to place the eyes. Use your thumbs to press in on the location and make eye sockets.
  • Make eyes for the eagle. Get a small piece of clay and use your palms to rub the clay together to form a ball. Make 2 of these. These will be the eyes of your eagle. Place the balls on the sockets that you created and blend it in. Use a needle or a toothpick to apply lids to make the eyes look realistic.
  • Make the feathers. The next step is to make the feathers for your eagle. Roll some clay and attach it to the head of the eagle one by one. Pinch the ends of the clay to form a feather-like piece. You can add the feathers to the sculpture layer by layer. Use your needle to add some lines on the feather.

These are the steps in making your very own eagle sculpture. You can also make other sculptures of different animals to add to your collection. As you work more with clay, it will be easier for you to mold it in different shapes that you need for your sculptures.


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