How To Make an Easel with PVC

You can display your works of art for an exhibit by using easels. Most easels are made out of wood but you can make your own easels made out of PVC pipes. Constructing your own easels is easy and you do not need to spend so much. All you have to do is connect the PVC pipes together to form your easel.

Find out how to make an easel out of PVC by following the steps below.

  • Materials that you need. The materials that you need for this project are PVC pipes and connectors, a pipe cutter, PVC gutter supports, bolts and machine screws, chains and PVC glue. You can find all of these in your local hardware store.
  • Determine the height and width. Determine the height and width that you want for your easel. The ideal height for an easel is about 5 feet. Cut 4 pieces PVC pipes that are 5 feet in length. These pipes will serve as the stand for your easel. Cut 3 pieces of the width. These will be the support for the feet of the easel and one will be the upper frame where the ends of the stands will meet.
  • Connect the PVC pipe pieces together. Now you can connect the PVC pipes to create the main frame of the easel. You can connect them using 90-degree L-connectors so this should be easy. You can adjust the lengths for the height and width of the easel to get the perfect height and width that you want.
  • Attach the gutter hanger. The gutter hanger will act as the ledge for your artwork. Determine how high you want the painting to be. Connect the gutter hanger to that height on the PVC pipe. You can drill several holes along the PVC pipe so that you can adjust the height for the support later on. Connect the gutter hanger with some screws. Use bigger screws if you are going to place a heavy piece of artwork on the easel.
  • Attach the chain. The chain will be the support of the easel. Attach a chain on each side of the PVC pipe connecting the front leg to the back leg. When you spread open the easel, the chain will be pulled so that the easel can stretch up to a specific distance only. You can choose how wide you want the opening to be and cut the chain according to that length.
  • Connect the PVC caps. Connect PVC caps on each of the legs of the easel so that your floor will not be damaged when you stand the easel.

Now you have your very own easel made out of PVC pipes. The steps are really simple and you can do plenty of these in just a few hours. To make your easel more interesting, you can paint it in any color that you want. You can use the easel at home or for your art studio. This is also something that you can make for kids to display their artwork in the classroom.


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