How To Make an Easy Baby Quilt

What better way to celebrate the news of a new baby than by making a baby quilt? A baby quilt is a lifetime's treasure. When the child has fully grown, it can remind him of his childhood. It can even be passed on from one generation to another, making the quilt a valuable heirloom. Making a baby quilt is quite easy. You can consider the following guide.

  1. Choose a pattern. The good thing about baby quilt is that most of the patterns are very simple and therefore are easy to make. The most popular baby quilt pattern is the block pattern in which you will stitch together small squares of different fabrics. If you are quite an expert, you can integrate special quilting and sewing techniques into the pattern of your choice. In any case, choose the pattern you are likely to finish. Remember that your pattern should correspond to your quilting skill.
  2. Prepare the materials and tools. Very important in quilting are your fabrics and threads, both of which are determined by your chosen pattern. Also important are the batting, backing, and binding materials. You will use a rotary cutter, a pair of scissors, needles, pins, a thimble, and sewing machine. The last item is optional. If you want to hand-sew, you can do so, but remember that it is time-consuming. 
  3. Make the top. Using a rotary cutter or a pair of scissors, cut the fabrics according to the shapes in your pattern. If you have all the fabric pieces, start stitching them together to make the top. You can choose to hand-sew them or use a sewing machine. Straight stitch is ideal for the top, although you can use a variety of stitches to make your quilt more interesting.
  4. Baste the layers. Using pins, temporarily join the quilt layers—top, batting, and backing—together. Start pinning at the center then work outward, with the pins forming a grid-like pattern. You can also machine-baste or hand-baste in the same manner. As you baste, make sure to press flat the wrinkles on the fabric.
  5. Start quilting. Quilting is the actual process of stitching all the three layers together. You can remove the pins as you quilt. If you machine- or hand-basted, remove the stitches after you have joined the layers together. 
  6. Add a binding material. The binding material acts as the border of the baby quilt. It is best to use a different fabric for this to highlight the beauty of the baby quilt’s design. Once you have cut the binding material, sew it along the sides of the quilt to hide the frayed edges. You can also use the backing itself as the binding. To do this, the backing fabric should be at least one inch bigger than the top and batting on all sides. Fold the backing fabric toward the top and stitch.

Wash the baby quilt before you give it to the baby. This will ensure you that the chemicals used in the fabrics and threads and the dirt the quilt accumulated during the quilting process are washed away. The baby quilt should foremost be safe to use.


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