How To Make an Easy Children's Butterfly Craft

Children love butterflies. If they are allowed to make an easy children butterfly craft, they will appreciate the idea and maybe will ask for other projects to make and decorate. For children’s interest, the following steps may be taught to them. It may be better if an adult could be around to give answers to any clarification they may have:

  1. Gather all the materials to be used—coffee filterpaper, water-based markers, paper towel, pipe cleaner and beads. Colors and markers are very important.
  2. Make the wings ahead of everything because these parts are the most labor intensive, the parts that require artistic talents. For this part, get a coffee filterpaper.
  3. Color the coffee filter, soon to be wings, by water-based markers. They should be bright different colors to resemble real butterfly wings.
  4. Spray the coffee filter with water so that the colors will run. Use paper towel to dry the coffee filters and leave it to dry.
  5. Get a pipe cleaner and bend it to form a V shape. This will be the body of the butterfly after five to ten pony beads are placed on each bend.
  6. Place the dry coffee filter between the V shape and close the top by twisting both ends of the cleaner. The wings will show once the craft is fanned out.
  7. Both ends of the pipe cleaner will have beads which, after twisting both ends, will represent the butterfly’s head.
  8. Trim and twist to a curl each end of the pipe cleaner to represent the butterfly’s antennas.
  9. The butterfly is now complete. It could be hung in front of windows or by attaching a magnet on the body, it could be displayed on the refrigerator.

There are other ways of making an easy children’s butterfly craft. These involve using knives and paints. However, these procedures are not advisable for children. They may be cut by the knife or choked by the commercial paint. Grown-ups can use any procedure in making the butterfly. Whatever way they choose, the product would be the same – a fake butterfly.

Some people do the craft as a past time. Some do it for a living. Those who are skillful in doing things like children’s butterfly, earn money from the sale of their crafts while having fun and enjoyment on the job.

When children become interested in the butterfly craft, they also become interested in learning the different species, which are about 28 thousand all over the world. In the end they will also become interested in the life cycle or four stages of a butterfly: the egg, larva, pupa and adult butterfly. Of course the most interesting stage to be imitated is when it is already a butterfly.

Encouraging children and teaching them how to make an easy children butterfly craft is one way of teaching them science. This approach is the most practical one and children will learn the subject by heart. Children will be able to imagine how an egg becomes a larva or caterpillar, how the larva becomes a pupa, and how the pupa becomes a flying butterfly.


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