How To Make an Egg Shell Mosaic

To make an eggshell mosaic, all you have to do is save your Easter egg shells. After coloring all your Easter eggs with your kids and family, save all the colored egg shells to create your egg shell mosaic.

  1. The first thing you should do to make this mosaic is to gather up all of the colored egg shells from your Easter holiday. This doesn't have to be an Easter project; you can do this any time of year. Once you have done this, you must make sure to get all of the egg whites and yolk from your egg shells. You don't want any egg whites or yolk on your eggshell mosaic.
  2. The next thing to do is break up all the egg shells. To make this eggshell mosaic, crush up or break up all the egg shells into small pieces. These pieces must be small enough to make an almost flat effect to them. Once you have crushed or broken up all your egg shells to small and somewhat flat pieces, you're ready to begin the next step of your mosaic.
  3. To begin the next step of this eggshell mosaic, find a dark piece of poster board. You may use any color poster board but a dark color will bring out the color in your egg shells and make it easier to see. Then you will take a writing utensil and draw any type of design or picture you wish. It wouldn't be recommended to make it too detailed.
  4. For this next instruction, you will need something to spread glue with. A cotton swab will do just fine. Any type of school glue will do alright; probably Elmer's glue would be the best choice. Next you will take the cotton swab with glue on it and spread it on your design, but only where you have written or drawn. This will make the next step ready to make your eggshell mosaic complete.
  5. To complete your egg shell mosaic, all you have to do is take all of the broken up, flat egg shells, colored side up, and stick them to where the glue is. Continue doing this until your entire drawing is complete with colored egg shells.

Once you have completed your egg shell mosaic, set it aside to be dried out. This may take a few hours to fully dry. After your egg shell mosaic if completely dried, you are finished. Enjoy your master piece.


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