How To Make an Evergreen Banner

What fragrance better represents the holidays than freshly cut evergreen boughs? You can easily fashion fresh evergreen boughs into a decorative banner; this fun activity can involve the entire family, from great-aunts to kids.

Cedar, fir, holly, redwood and pine branches work best for this project.  It's most economical if you can just obtain them from trees located on your property.  If that's not possible, get the best deal you can from your local gardening store. You'll need at least a dozen branches, each about a foot and a half to two feet in length.

  • Begin by placing two of the strongest, fullest branches end to end, overlapping by a few inches. Use floral wire to connect these ends together.
  • Now you are ready to attach shorter branches to this center piece.  Use floral wire to connect the end of each branch to this center piece, with the evergreen tips pointing toward either end of the banner.
  • Continue to add evergreen boughs to the central bough, pointing the tips in various directions until the banner has a thick, lush appearance.
  • Once all of the boughs have been connected to the first two pieces of evergreen, you can turn the banner over and attach several thicknesses of floral wire or picture hanging wire.  Attach this to the two strongest boughs. 
  • Now attach a large picture frame hook to the wire - you'll want one that support at least 30 pounds - to hang your evergreen banner securely above a fireplace mantel, above a door, or on a wall.

Here's the fun part: decorating your evergreen banner in a variety of ways.  Entwine gold braid or metallic ribbon through the boughs, and add a string of miniature Christmas lights, clear or multicolored, so you can light up your evergreen banner in much the same way as you would a Christmas tree.

You can decorate your banner by tying a large red satin ribbon with end streamers to the center of the banner as a focal point. Another way to decorate your evergreen banner is to attach hangers to miniature Christmas balls and scatter them throughout your banner for a splash of color.

For safety's safe and to prevent fire, spray your banner daily with a fine mist of water to keep it fresh and moist, or spray the banner with a can of professional fire retardant. Keep your banner away from any source of open flame such as candles.  Once your banner starts to become brown or dry, dispose of it properly.


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