How To Make an Inexpensive Lazy Susan

A lazy susan is a useful item to have in the house. This is a circular turn table that you can use for many things. The most common use of the lazy susan is on the dining table. It is placed at the center of the table so that the people eating can easily pass the food around just by turning the lazy susan. Some lazy susans already come with the table that you purchase while some can be bought separately. If you want your own lazy susan, follow the tips below.

Read and follow the instructions below to know how to make an inexpensive lazy susan for your home.

  • Materials that you need. The materials that you need for making a lazy susan are the top and bottom round wood (same size), sheet metal screws, lazy susan bearing, rubber feet, jigsaw and a screwdriver. You can get all these materials from the hardware store. Just make sure that you tell the salesperson that you are making your own lazy susan.
  • Determine location of bearing. The first thing that you have to do is determine where you are going to attach the bearing for the lazy susan. Turn each piece of the circular wood to the side that will face the inside of the lazy susan. Use a pencil to mark where you will be attaching the bearing. Make sure that the markings are symmetrical on both sides.
  • Drill the holes for the bearing. Now you can drill the markings that you placed on the circular wood. You can follow the instructions that came with the package of the bearing to know how to properly do this.
  • Attach the bearings to the wood pieces. Now you can attach the bearings to the circular wood. Use the screws to attach the bearing to the top circular wood and the bottom circular wood. Make sure that the screws are screwed on tightly so that your lazy susan can operate smoothly.
  • Finishing the lazy susan. The last step in finishing your lazy susan is to set the rubber feet on the location where you are going to use it. Set the lazy susan on top of the rubber feet and test to see if it works properly. If it does not swing smoothly, you may not have aligned the bearing properly.
  • Additional designs to add. You can add some finishing spray to your lazy susan to protect the wood from spills and food. If you are into art, you can carve some designs on the wood to make it more interesting.

You can use the lazy susan on your dining table or inside cabinets so that you can easily reach items that are located in the innermost part of your cabinet.

Now you know how you can make your own lazy susan. It is good that you know how to make some simple repairs and installations for the things that you need in your home so that you do not need to purchase expensive items.


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