How To Make an Inspirational Jar

Inspirational jars are very fun to make. They are also great things to have around when you’re feeling a bit low and need something to raise your spirits. Inspirational jars are also great as gifts to your friends, to spread a little inspiration around. Not only are they easy to make, they are inexpensive too. They can be a very personal gift to your friends, or to yourself.

Here are some steps on how to make an inspirational jar:

  1. Choose a jar. There are many kinds of jars to choose from. The shapes of the jars differ greatly. This means more variety for you so you can personalize your inspirational jar. You can use recycled jars from old pickles or various other jarred products. This is a great environment friendly way to make your inspirational jar. It is also more inexpensive, as you won’t have to buy jars from the store. However, if you want to start with a brand new jar, you can buy them from specialty stores. The only good thing about buying your jar brand new is that you can choose the specific shape and size of your jar. There is also less hassle as you’ll only have to use the jar you want.
  2. Use various materials to design your inspirational jar. Make sure to be creative when designing your jar. There are many ways to decorate your inspirational jar. You can try using various ribbons. Simply tie a piece of ribbon around the neck of your jar to create a simple, pretty effect. There are many styles of ribbon available, in various different colors. You can also glue on different kinds of beads and sequins to the jar to make it more festive and sparkly. With beads and sequins, you can choose to make any kind of shape on the surface of the jar to personalize it. Another option would be to glue pieces of paper to the surface of the jar to make a collage. Painting the inspirational jar will create a very rustic feel. If you choose to paint it with light, see-through paint, it will create a stained glass effect, which is always a crowd pleaser. You are only limited by your imagination when designing an inspirational jar.
  3. Collect a lot of inspirational quotes and sayings and put them inside the inspirational jar. Firstly, you should cut up pieces of paper, varying in size depending on how long your quotes will be. Before doing this, you must estimate first how many pieces of paper you will need according to the size of the jar you have chosen. Next, collect all of the inspirational quotes you like. You can try getting them from books, short stories, movies, or poetry. You can even quote your friends and put their sayings and mottos in your inspirational jar. Even small things like ‘you’re beautiful’ can be put in the jar. It will all depend on your personality, and how you want to be inspired.

An inspirational jar is a great gift to a friend or loved one. Even better, you can keep one yourself for an extra lift during gloomy days. Follow these steps and make an inspirational jar, so you can be inspired everyday!


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