How To Make an Origami Eagle

The art of forming animals or objects with paper (known as origami in Japan), is a highly respectable form of art, and if you are skilled enough with it you can create complex pieces that make great home decorations and excellent gifts for friends and family alike. Origami, like many other things that come from Japan, require effort and time to do, but also require patience and pinpoint precision to do well. It is an incredibly satisfying art, and one you can only really truly appreciate if you have tried it yourself—you will see that once you get started with origami, you will only want to get better. There are some simple animals that you can start out with in origami. Once you have gotten the feel for it, you can begin with more advanced animals (though nothing too complicated), such as the origami eagle. The best part about origami is a lot of the more advanced animals are often made with a base (which would be some of the simpler animal forms). In the origami eagle’s case, it starts out with the origami frog as its proper base. This article will provide you with a set of instructions that you can use in order to properly construct first the base of the eagle (which is the frog), before going on to completing the eagle itself. If you have some time in your hands and are interested in making a little origami art, then feel free to continue reading and follow the steps below:

  • Begin with the frog. This can get a little tricky, but so long as you have enough pieces of origami paper in case you make a mistake, you will be fine. Start by folding the paper diagonally, where one corner should match the other corner. Afterwards, ensure that everything is even by creasing the fold. Once you are done, fold it once again in the same exact way, and again, crease it so that everything is as it should be (everything must be even, it is an unwritten rule in origami and having everything even is proof that you are skilled, even when it comes to simple folds). Now is the part where things get a little tricky. There should be two flaps in the triangle—you need to hold onto one flap and fold it in a way that makes it remain perpendicular to the main triangle, crease it again once you are finished. Now all that is left is for you to do the same thing with the other flap (do not forget to crease), and you should be finished with your frog.
  • Continue on with the bird base. The origami eagle requires the frog base as well as the bird base. There is also another way where you make the bird separately and connect it with your origami frog to complete the steps, as with your frog all you need to do is craft the origami wings from the bird base in order to complete it and turn it into an origami eagle. Either way, the frog is the foundation of your origami eagle, and so long as you have the frog, you have gotten off to a very good start.

For the rest of it, simply look for a guide on the bird origami base, and you should be well on your way to finishing the origami eagle. Congratulations and good luck.


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