How To Make an Origami Elephant

Origami is a great way to pass the time and show off to your friends the talents you have.  There are many different designs that you can make using the skill of origami.  Making an origami elephant is a little more of a challenge if you've never made an origami animal before, but it is possible if you use a little patience and practice.  There are a few different variations for creating an origami elephant, from easy to advanced.

This is the easiest origami elephant to attempt to make.  All you will need is a square sheet of paper, size 6"x6".  If you have never done origami before then I recommend starting off with cheap paper, but once you've created a few different projects you can move on to the thicker, more expensive paper.

  • First, fold the sheet of paper in half and make a crease; then open the sheet of paper back up. 
  • Next, you'll fold the sheet of paper right to left and make another crease then open it back up.  Grab the top left corner and fold it in toward the center crease and then crease that fold. 
  • Now you will fold the sheet in half by grabbing the top edge of the paper and folding it until it reaches the bottom edge, then crease that fold. 
  • Fold the left corner in toward the center crease, crease that fold then open it back up. 
  • Next, make a squash fold with the opening to create the ears for the elephant.  Now you can apply eyes, a mouth and wrinkles on the trunk of the elephant to give it some character.

This is the easiest origami elephant.  It's perfect for children or for someone who is curious about the art of origami and has never tried.  There are more difficult versions available that you can try once you have mastered this basic beginner's elephant.

Once you have the skills down to complete this origami elephant venture off and attempt to create other objects and animals.  Once you know how to do the basic folds and creases the world of origami will come a lot easier to you.  You can then start creating origami monkeys, frogs, flowers, cranes, cups, dogs and so many other objects.  There are many books and websites available that will offer you instructions on how to complete easy and difficult origami projects.


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