How To Make an Origami Flower

When it comes to decorating your house or accessories with an aesthetic oriental touch, there is nothing more pleasing to the eyes than origami flowers. Origami, to those who are unaware of it, is an ancient and respectable Japanese art where one folds paper to make detailed animals as well as other objects. In the case of the origami flower, it can be simple or complex depending on your preferences (and choice of flower), but either way, it makes a very attractive addition to anything from a flower vase to a corsage pin. You can even put in enough effort to create an origami flower bouquet, which would make an excellent gift for just about anyone (especially your significant other). If you are interested in making some of your own then you are in luck—this article hopes to help you achieve that goal by providing some simple steps in making an origami flower, which is not too simple that it looks plain, but at the same time not too complex that it becomes too difficult. This is an especially excellent choice for people who are trying their hand at origami for the very first time. So if you want to take your first step into origami by crafting a beautiful folded flower, read on to the following steps:

  • Ready the paper for the proper folding. With your square of origami paper in hand, begin by folding the paper across each other—from one end of the corner to other. Once you are sure that everything is even, crease the fold. Afterwards, you will have to do it again, except with the other two corners, so unfold your origami paper and do so. Unfold it once more, but this time fold the paper in a rectangular half (make sure to always crease). Finally, unfold it and fold the origami paper in half once more (to make a cross with the last fold). Once you unfold it one more time, your paper will be ready to turn into a flower.
  • Turn your paper into the flower of your choosing. There are some basics to follow when folding your paper into an origami flower—do this by folding one edge of the paper until it reaches the middle, and then repeating the same action with all the other corners. Afterwards, do the same thing, but this time on the other side. Next, fold the edges (which should be in the center) backwards, about three fourths of the triangle itself. Once you are done, flip the paper over and fold it in half (top to bottom), and then do it again with all the other sides. Now all you have to do is pull out the shape of the flower and form the petals the way you want.

As was stated above, what kind of flower you want to make will factor into how complicated a project this can be. However, even if it is just a relatively simple flower, it will still be quite attractive and will make a fine home decoration and gift—especially if you make a lot and mix different kinds of simple flowers together.


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