How To Make an Origami Goldfish

Origami is a fun Japanese art form. This art form consists of folding paper into representations of objects. There is no end to the number of interesting objects one can create from paper once one has mastered the art of Origami. Here, you will find instructions for making an origami goldfish.

Start with an orange or reddish-orange colored piece of paper. Using paper that is the color of an actual goldfish helps with the overall look and presentation of the finished masterpiece.

Lay your sheet of paper out flat on a table or workspace in front of you. Fold the paper in half vertically. Pick the paper up and run your index finger and thumb down the edge of the fold to make a crease line down the center of your paper, then unfold the paper and lay it back down.

Then take a hold of one side of the paper and fold vertically and inward until the edge meets the crease in the middle of the paper. With your thumb or index finger, smooth the folded edge down so that the paper stays folded when you let go of it. Repeat this step with the other side of the paper.

Next, fold the entire piece of paper in half horizontally. Pick up the paper and again run your thumb and index finger down the edge of the fold to make a good crease. Then lay the paper back down and open it up from your last fold.

Take hold of the top edge of the paper and fold it in to the newly created crease in the center. With your thumb or index finger, smooth the folded edge down. Repeat this step with the bottom edge of the paper.

Next, open the bottom fold up, grasp one of the flaps by the inner corner and fold outward on the diagonal; crease. Repeat this step with the flap on the other side. Then fold the bottom back up and smooth the crease down.

Finally, take hold of the top outer corners of the paper. Fold these corners inward, and toward each other, in a diagonal direction. Now your origami goldfish should be finished, complete with head and tail fin. If you'd like, you could glue a plastic eye to the head for added appeal.

This is a fairly basic and simple origami goldfish. With a little practice you could make even more complicated goldfish, and so much more.


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