How To Make an Origami Shrimp

Origami originated in China and is the art of folding paper. With a few simple folds (and some holes) you can turn a piece of ordinary square paper into three-dimensional artwork. To make an origami shrimp, all you need is a piece of origami paper, which can be purchased from most craft stores, and a pair of scissors. Origami paper comes in many colors. Real shrimp are light red; however, you can make your paper shrimp whatever color (or colors) you want. The shrimp is be made in steps, separated into the body, head, antennae and tail.

The Body

Start by folding the paper from corner to corner to form a triangle. This creates a crease in the center that will be the guide for future folds. With the crease laying vertically, fold the top corners toward the center so that the corners meet in the middle (like folding a paper airplane).
Next, fold the edges in again to make it even narrower.

The Head

After that, fold the bottom corners toward the center as if you are making a paper kite. This will be the head of the shrimp. Take the bottom corner and fold it backwards. Take the tip and fold it forward. It should look like a head, with the tip pointing away from the body.

The Antennae
Next, take your scissors and make two holes in the back of the head for the antennae to go through. Then, starting at the back, begin to cut thin slits in the sides. Stop before you get to the head so that the paper strips stay intact. These will be the antennae. Poke the strips through the holes you cut earlier so that they look like they are coming out of the head.

The Tail
After that, starting where the crease is, fold the tail forward and back like an accordion. It should start to look like a shrimp now. Once you have folded the paper back and forth all the way to the tip of the tail, fold the entire shrimp in half on itself so that the edges meet. Pull the folds in the tail to make it curve down for a finishing touch, and the shrimp is complete.

Traditionally, origami were considered lucky and given as gifts, but your paper shrimp could also be a party favor, or decoration - there are many fun uses for finely-crafted origami creations!


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