How To Make an Origami Snowflake

The art of Origami has been around for centuries. The beautiful and intricate designs of this paper-folding art leave everyone admiring your handiwork. If you're looking to decorate your classroom, home or office for the holidays, then you're probably wondering how to make an Origami snowflake. Follow this simple 5-step process and you'll have a unique Origami snowflake with a few simple folds and cuts.

  1. Begin with a basic shape. To begin your origami snowflake, you will start with a basic round or perfectly square shape. You can decide whether the edges will be flat or not (octagon, hexagon, or circle). The shape just needs to be symmetrical, and about the size of a dinner plate. Use any type of paper to trace and cut out your shape.
  2. Fold. First, fold your shape perfectly in half, and crease the fold line well (you may use the back side of scissors to do this if you like). Then fold the shape perfectly in half again, and then again. You should end up with a cone-shaped piece of paper that is about 1/8 the size of your original piece of paper.
  3. Take note of the important fold lines. Before you begin making any cuts to your snowflakes, you need to be aware of areas that you can't cut. Look at your shape as if it were the letter "V". Both sides of the "V" need to have at least a few folds left in them, so it is imperative that you don't cut either of these sides completely off. If you do, the snowflake will fall apart in your hands when you try to unfold it, and you'll be left wondering what went wrong.
  4. Get creative. This is the fun part. Taking into consideration the important fold lines, you can begin cutting small shapes or lines all around your origami snowflake. It's important not to unfold the snowflake at any point during this process, as the snowflake needs to be symmetrical. Try cutting half-moons, diamonds or zigzags into your paper. It may seem like you're just making confetti at this stage, but all of the little voids you're making now will soon blossom into a beautiful snowflake design.
  5. Unfold and enjoy. Once you're happy with the shapes you've cut into your origami snowflake, all that's left to do is unfold your masterpiece. Be careful when doing this though, as the cut lines may want to stick together. You should end up with a beautiful and unique snowflake.

You can repeat this process countless times, as any grade school child will tell you. Spruce up your origami snowflake with glitter, sparkles and even paint. Then simply hang your origami snowflake up for the world to enjoy.


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