How To Make an Origami Wolf

Origami wolf
Making a wolf figure using origami - the Japanese art of paper-folding - is actually quite simple compared to many other origami objects. This project is ideal for beginners since it does not involve much of the intricate folding techniques origami is made up of. Follow the simple step-by-step instructions listed below to begin making origami wolves in various sizes yourself!

Step 1

Materials required.

  • Origami paper or one-sided color paper in square shapes
  • Clear workspace with a hard and smooth surface

Step 2

Getting started. Place the square paper on the table surface positioned as a diamond - each of the four corners of the square must orient to the north, east, west and south directions.

Step 3

The first fold. Fold the bottom or south corner to meet the top north corner such that a triangle is formed.

Step 4

The second fold. Next, fold the lower right corner of the triangle to meet the lower left corner, making another triangle shaped like a mast or a ‘steep-incline' traffic sign.

Step 5

The third fold. Lift one flap from the triangle and fold it upwards and turn over the triangle so the underside is now on top. Again, lift the lower corner flap and fold it upwards.

Step 6

Creating the basic shape. Lay down the folded paper on the surface such that the side with all the flaps is to the right. Fold the set of flaps towards the center of the triangle and open out and press the flaps firmly, so that they look like half a crown. Fold the left corner by just an inch to create a small fold and crease the line.

Step 7

Making the face and head. Take the center flap created in the previous step and push it down to create a crease. Open the flap along the crease so that you have one part still lying down but the other part spreads out like a canopy over the first. Adjust the remaining flaps and tail (the left corner fold in previous step) so that the figure can stand upright on the surface. What you should be looking at is a seated wolf with its ears perked up.

Practice the simple folding until you are experienced. Making an origami wolf is very easy and you can use different colors and sizes of paper to make a whole pack of wolves. This is a simple and enjoyable craft project in which you can engage your whole family during holidays or long vacations.


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