How To Make and Frame a Poster

Making your own posters is one brilliant way to embellish your home and practice your creativity. Around your house are a lot of possible resources for making a poster or framed art. You simply have to check what materials are already available and what materials need to be purchased. Your work of art does not need to be expensive but you surely need to be rich in ideas. You will actually find it fun and easy, even if you are not artistically inclined. These simple steps will help you create and frame your own poster.

  1. Choose how you want to make your poster. If you are creative, you can make anything from scratch. If you love to draw, you can use your drawing skills with charcoal, pastel crayons and other materials. You can paint on a canvass or any other kind of fabric. If you can sew or stitch - embroidery, quilting and cross-stitching are brilliant ideas. Cutting pictures from old magazines is also very useful. However, if your artistic skills are limited, you can always turn to the computer for help. You can print motivational messages with appropriate graphics or background to go with them such as landscapes, seascapes, animals or cartoons.
  2. Use ready-made resources. If you are a poster collector and you have a selection of genres ranging from abstract, fine art, movie advertising posters, music posters, inspirational or celebrity poster, you can have some, if not all, of your collection framed. To make them last a lifetime and retain their value, it is wise to protect your posters by framing them using the right materials. You can also choose to have your posters laminated, but be aware that collectibles decrease their value if laminated.
  3. Get the dimensions of your poster. Whether you are personally making your frame, having it done by a professional or buying ready-made material, make sure you get the accurate measurements of your poster in order to find the correct frame size.
  4. Pick your materials for the frame. Depending on your preference or what looks good with your poster, you can choose from wood poster frames, poster hangers, aluminum poster frames, metal frames, and acrylic or clear poster frames. If you are on a budget, you can go for acrylic or Plexiglas frames as they are durable and inexpensive compared to solid wood. Whatever your choice is, do not forget to consider the quality, design and size that complement your poster. Your frame should have at least an allowance of two inches on all sides. You can also choose something bigger if you wish to add some borders.
  5. Place your poster in the frame. Secure your poster and align it properly. When you are done making adjustments, you are ready to adorn it on your wall.

Seeing your first poster hanging on your wall will definitely get you motivated to do your next poster project. You can experiment on new designs and materials until you master the art of creating and framing posters.


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