How To Make Angel Figurines

Figurines of any type can make a lovely decoration piece that can add life and color in your house. Collecting angel figurines can make your space appear heavenly. They are also a good item of choice to give as a present during the holidays, especially during Christmastime.

Angel figurines make a good choice for a home decoration or as collectibles. For peace loving individuals, it is like a God sent gift that guides them. It can also bring comfort and peace within their houses. Funding is sometimes a problem in collecting a certain item, especially when these items will be coming from commercial stores. Making your own version of collectibles can be helpful in limiting the money that you have to spend.

Here are some helpful steps on how to make personalized angel figurines:

  1. You will need: a medium sized cardboard, 1.2 kg of plaster of Paris, an angel figurine model, modeling clay, 250 g. of Silicon rubber, 12 oz. of water, square gauze, 12.5 g. of catalyst, cotton applicator, plastic straw, spatula, mixing bowl, knife, paint brushes and dyes.
  2. Mix together the silicone rubber and catalyst. Apply the mixture to the figurine on a piece of cardboard. Make sure to leave a few inches of allotment on all sides of the cardboard.
  3. Put another coat of rubber silicone mixture on the attached cardboard and the figurine model. Allow it to dry.
  4. When it is already dry, give the figurine another touch of the silicone rubber combination. Put the square gauze against the angel figurine model. Press the gauze into the figurine with the aid of a spatula.
  5. Give another coat of the silicone combination to the figurine model and allow it to dry for half an hour. Fill in the gaps with modeling clay.
  6. Use a spatula to flatten the clay against the figurine. Give it some time to dry. Mix the 10 oz. of water and a kg. of plaster of Paris. Stir the combination until the texture becomes creamy.
  7. Put a certain amount of plaster of Paris on each mold. Allow it to solidify and allow another 25 minutes for it to dry. Carefully remove the support away from the figurine model.
  8. Remove the mold from the cardboard by rubbing a small amount of water. Carefully remove the angel figurine model away from the mold.
  9. Combine the remaining amount of plaster of Paris with the remaining water. Stir until it achieves a sticky texture.
  10. Use a paintbrush and coat the gaps left with the plaster of Paris combination you have made. Allow the figurine to dry for about half an hour.
  11. Carefully polish the figurine body with the use of a knife. Paint the angel figurine depending on your preferred color and depending on the image you want your angel to have.
  12. You can have the angel in jeans to make it more fashionable. You can put a halo around the angel’s head or perfume to make the angel figurine have a nice smell. You can also create a background for your new angel figurine. Make some artificial snow or island to make it more attractive and fun to look at. You can also include meaningful quotes to add more inspiration.

Using personalized items as a present add more value to the item. It also adds self-satisfaction to the one who made it. By following the procedures above, you can come up with your own angel figurine and start your collection.


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