How To Make Animal Glove Puppets

A great way to keep the kids happy and busy especially during days when they are out of school is to make glove puppets with them. The materials don’t have to cost anything, what with old gloves and mittens lying around the house never to be used again. Animals are good subjects for puppets and the kids can create puppet shows to entertain friends, or you could even have them perform for your own gatherings. The children can get very creative in making up stories or songs for their animal puppets, and their imaginations are allowed to soar as they make their own glove puppets. Here are some instructions on making animal glove puppets.

  • Prepare your materials. The materials needed for this project are garden gloves (lightweight), pieces of fabric, pom-poms in various colors and sizes, colored felt scraps, ribbons, beads, buttons, and other crafting materials you may already have stored away. You will also need some tacky glue, fabric markers, and a pair of scissors.
  • Choose your animal characters. You can have 5 different animals on your glove for each of your fingers. Pick out your favorites from storybook characters, or use your imagination and create your own unique animal character. This is the part where kids can really get their creative juices going when thinking of the animals they will be making into puppets.
  • Making your puppets. Start by gluing on your bigger pom-poms onto the ends of your glove’s fingers. These will serve as your animal’s heads. Make cut-outs from your felt for their faces. You may use buttons or beads for their eyes. Smaller-sized pom-poms can be glued on to be their noses and their ears. Use your glue to set in all these different feature to your puppet’s faces. Using your felt or you markers, you may want to add in other characteristics for the animal’s body. Pom-poms can also serve as arms stuck on each side of the glove fingers. Another way would be to make cut-outs from fabric or felt to use for arms. You can also dress up your animal puppets with the bits of fabric and lace you have gathered. Make tiny bonnets or hats, place in a bow-tie, or attach some lace below the head of a pretty girl animal puppet. Add in anything you wish to give more character to your animals. If you have come up with a storyline for a puppet show, you might want to make use of the back area of the gloves to create villain puppets in your story. That way, you can have as many characters playing different parts in your puppet show, utilizing only one glove.

Animal glove puppets are so much fun to make and you will find yourself enjoying just as much as the kids are while doing it. For variety, you could also make human characters working along with your animal puppets on your glove. Simply make them in much the same way as you did with your animal puppets and come with a good story to keep everyone entertained, kids and adults alike.


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