How To Make Anniversary Centerpieces

Decoration for an anniversary needs to be appropriate, interesting and very engaging. A very eye-catching type of decoration is the anniversary centerpiece. You may be expecting a major anniversary celebration or planning to make an enterprise out of creating anniversary centerpieces. It is quite easy to do them since you can use a lot of materials and play with different shapes and sizes. To be more specific, here are the steps in making the right anniversary centerpieces.

Venue design and theme. First of all, your anniversary centerpiece must not take the limelight away from the main theme and design. It must also suit the decorations being placed on the venue for this particular occasion. If you are able to match the centerpiece with the other elements, you already have half the work done already.

Personalization. Personalization involves making use of the couple's photos, marking it with specific significant dates, or if you are more meticulous, even incorporating interesting trivia about the couple on each centerpiece. Be open to a lot of possibilities.

Stability. The stability of the centerpiece is most important. With forks and spoons clinking around it, it is very important that it does not topple off in the middle of your guests' meals and interaction. Popular choices for stable bases include sturdy pots with even bottoms. You can experiment with other receptacles or containers for as long you can ensure that it will not fall off. Gluing the centerpiece to the table temporarily may be an option but make sure it does not damage the table.

Color and size. The color and size depends on the shape of the table, the color of the table (or its table cloth cover) and how they all blend together in the greater scheme of things. Consult your color wheel and get other friends' opinions. Test the appearance by creating a mimic or miniature version of your venue. 

Party favor option. You can also use the centerpiece to double as a party favor option. Have the "Thank You" tokens attached to the centerpiece for the guests to pull out and take home after the party. Use your creativity. Just make sure the token sizes are proportional and manageable for the centerpiece to hold in.

Traditional embellishments. The traditional embellishments for anniversary centerpieces involve carnations. You can use these so that you can preserve a sense of sophistication and elegance that cannot be paralleled by other more modern elements.

Anniversary centerpieces, even at a large venue, need to be uniformly done. If you are doing handmade centerpieces, creating perfectly identical items may pose a challenge. In this case, it may be advisable to go for custom made frames such as those provided in Naptime Productions. The uniform elegance and personalized quality of the anniversary centerpiece, among many anniversary decoration objects, helps show the long and lasting love of the couple. It will also help set the right mood for the guests, family and friends of the couple. 


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