How To Make Arrowheads

Are you fascinated by stories and legends of our ancestors and their skills in making arrowheads? Then get to making some arrowheads and decorate your wall. Show off to your friends! Better still; use them in your camping trips!

Decide on the material that you want to use to make the arrowhead. You could choose from stone, wood, plaster of paris, cardboard, metal or any other material depending on the time and effort that you are willing to spend on this activity.

Depending on the material, make a simple sketch of the design of the arrowhead you intend to make. You will need paper, pencil and eraser to make the sketch. Make a detailed drawing of the proposed arrowhead with dimensions in centimeters. You will need paper, pencil, measuring scale, eraser, a protractor for measuring angles, a divider and a compass to complete the drawing.

List out the tools required to work on the material to get the shape of the arrowhead you have designed. Remember to use protective equipment while working especially if the material is metal, stone or wood. If you have chosen mild steel metal as your material then you could follow these steps as a guide to make an arrowhead:

From the metal shop, get a rectangular piece of mild steel, which is 12 cm long, 3cm wide and about 0.5 cm thick. Buy or rent the following tools and protective gear (if you don't have them already) to work on this piece of metal:

  • Bench Vice to grip the metal piece while you shape it
  • Filing tools - triangular, flat, round and half round
  • Hack saw for sawing on metal
  • Grinder to grind and smoothen rough edges
  • Permanent marker to mark the dimensions on the mild steel
  • Apron
  • Face Mask with glass for protection against metal pieces that could fly off while sawing, filing or grinding
  • Wooden Desk to work on the metal

The Process

  • 1. Fix the bench vice on the work desk
  • 2. Mark the dimensions on the mild steel using the permanent marker, as per the drawing you made earlier
  • 3. Take the 12cm X 3cm X 0.5 cm mild steel and fix it tightly between the teeth of the bench vice
  • 4. The side of the metal piece that has to be worked on has to be fixed facing you
  • 5. Use the hack saw to cut out the shape along the marks made on the mild steel piece
  • 6. Use the flat file on the broader side of the metal piece to smooth out the sharp edges
  • 7. Use the triangular file on the narrow sides of the metal piece to make a smooth triangular sharp shape
  • 8. Use the grinder to get a pointed arrowhead and smooth overall surface finish and shine

Perfect your newly acquired skills by making more arrowheads. Display the arrowheads on the wall at different angles and get your friends to admire them.


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