How To Make Baby Doll Clothes

A baby doll does not have to look the same way from the time you bought it until your child ignores it when she grows older. As simply as making clothes for the baby doll, you can change its look anytime you want. And what is better news to hear than to know that making clothes for your baby doll is easy. Here, check out this guide to help you in creating wonderful baby doll clothes:

  • Take the necessary measurements of the doll. Get a measuring tape and start to measure the doll's waist, length, and the like. This is necessary not only to make sure that the clothes will fit the doll but also to know the exact size of fabric you need for the project.
  • Prepare the fabric for the doll's clothes. Get fabric that is long and wide enough to fit your baby doll. You can purchase little pieces of fabrics from a shop or if you are on a budget, you can use old blankets, pillowcases, and clothing that you are no longer using.
  • Create a precise pattern for the clothes on the fabric. Lay the fabric on a flat surface such as a table and draw the measurements on it with the use of a pencil. Be precise with the measurements so that the clothes will fit perfectly to the doll. If you are not sure yet with the style of clothes you want to sew for the doll, you can check out baby doll dress patterns online and pick whatever you prefer. You can copy the patterns on the fabric but do not forget to follow the necessary measurements.
  • Cut the pattern of the doll's clothes. When cutting the pattern that you have just drawn, take note to cut an extra one-fourth of an inch on all sides of the garment so that you can add closures into it.
  • Add the necessary closures to the clothes. Sew the ends of the fabric to finish off the clothes you are making. You can sew by hand or by sewing machine, whichever is more convenient for you. However, be very careful when adding closures to the clothes especially when the doll is intended to be played by a child in a regular manner. Use snaps instead of buttons for your child's safety.
  • Add finishing touches to the clothes. You can add laces or trim to the dress by sewing them on. If the doll is your child's, you can ask her the things she wants to be on her baby doll's clothes for a more personal touch to the doll's garment.

Baby doll clothes are not only good ways to change the aura and look of the doll. More often than not, the need to change clothes of a doll can teach a child some sense of responsibility and neatness over her toy. Hence, if you are a parent of a child who plays doll, support her by providing him more and more new clothes for the toy. Sooner or later, you will teach her some sense of creativity too the moment you let her handle the decisions when it comes to choosing the best clothes for her doll.


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