How To Make Baby Shower Invitations in Diaper Shapes

Baby showers are a great way for young mothers to start off their entry into motherhood with a happy celebration. To usher the baby into the world in a fun and creative way, use diaper shaped baby shower invitations. Here’s how.

Choose the paper. Begin by choosing the type of paper that you will use to create the diaper. Plain white paper will work, but there are many other options to choose from. You can create your own paper by downloading a fabric pattern from the web and printing this into white paper, to create more realistic diaper shaped baby shower invitations. Notice that disposable diapers also have unique patterns on the diaper, which you can search for in the web and print onto the paper. The type of paper will also matter – you can use specialty paper that is thicker and made with softer fibers to recreate the feel of diapers.

Create the triangle. Next, cut the paper into a square shape. Fold the square shape in half so that you have a triangle. The triangle will act as the basic shape for the baby diaper invitation. Take the triangle shaped square, and unfold it. Using a cutter, follow the diagonal line that runs from the corners of the paper to give you two triangles that will serve as the outline for the paper invitation.

Add a fold. Next, fold two of the corners from the triangle and fold it into the triangle. The fold should face the table, and will act as the bottom part of the invitation. The folded crease will allow the invitation to stand up with the two folds as the legs. Add another crease at the longest end of the triangle, which will act as the waistband. Finally, add the final crease on one of the two sides of the triangle. This will act as the usual crease in a cloth diaper.

Attach plastic buttons. Add other details for the diaper. You can attach plastic clips using hot glue. These plastic clips are the same types that are used to fasten cloth diapers. If you want to recreate disposable diapers, you can use colored tape and place these on the waistband to simulate the look of disposable diapers that are fastened using adhesive tapes. You can also the legs to create ruffles, similar to those found in disposable diapers, to keep the contents of the diaper from spilling.

Write the shower invitation and program. Finally, use a colored pen to write the invitation. Add a catchy phrase, and then the other details for the baby shower, such as the date, place, the name of the parents, and whether the baby is expected to be a boy or a girl. If you have already given a name for your child, you can also include this into the invitation. Some parents, however, prefer a separate occasion for the naming of their children, or use the christening to name the child formally.

With a diaper shaped baby shower invitation, you can make the day you announce the coming of your child much more memorable.


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