How To Make Badges

Badges are one of the best ways to show your support for a group, a sports team, or an advocacy, as well as expressing your thoughts and beliefs. There are plenty of badges that are available in the market today. There are, however, still plenty of badge designs and ideas that are yet to be made. If you want to stand out with a badge of your own, here are the ways to make your own badge.

  1. Design. The first step in making your badge is to think of the design and audience. You can create the round badges that are printed on laminated plastic or iron circles, or you can create badges that look like I.D.s. Or, you can also create simple badges for a birthday party for your kid, which can be made from paper and which can be cut with a cutter or scissor lying around the house. The design should also have background graphics which will complement the message or purpose of the badge.
  2. Sketch the image. You can go for an all-text badge design. However, incorporating photographs or images is still one of the best ways to decorate and make your badge stand out. To do this, you need to sketch out the image that you will use for the badge. You can use pencil to draw the outlines, and an ink marker to finalize and make clear lines into the image. If you are planning on using photographs, you need to upload these onto your computer.
  3. Scan. The next step is to scan the images. Open your scanner and slide the sketch into the device. You can scan directly from the device, by accessing the device through the My Computer panel in your computer .you can also access the scanner through your image processor, such as Adobe Photoshop.  If you intend to print the image or store it for other purposes later, you should adjust and increase the resolution to allow you to edit the image for other uses some other time.
  4. Edit. The next step is to edit your image. One of the best image editing software tools that you can use is Adobe Photoshop. This will allow you to clean your image and then add other effects that will create a very sophisticated and modern looking badge. You can also combine several images which you have made using an image editing software, and then add the text that you need for the badge.
  5. Print. Once the image is made, the next step is to print it. You can use paper for simple badges, such as name badges for seminars and conferences. These can be printed on papers that have adhesive backs to allow users to easily attach the badge to their clothes. You can also use pins to attach the badge. If you are going for novelty badges on round metal or plastic pins, you can visit custom badge makers that will print the badge in these formats for you.

Knowing how to make your own badge is a very convenient skill especially if you want to express yourself or if you are engaged in a work field that requires organizing major events, conferences, and forums where people who have never met each other need to interact.


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