How To Make Barbie Patterns

Barbie dolls are one of the best friends for any young girl. If your daughter is crazy for Barbie, clothes are one of the usual treats that you can give your daughter. Barbie clothes are available in most toy shops. However, these will cost you money, and usually come in a limited assortment of designs. Here are the steps to making your own Barbie patterns that will allow you to sew your own Barbie clothes.

  1. Get a pattern. Begin by getting a clothe pattern. There are sewing books that have basic patterns for clothing items such as shirts and pants. Usually, you need medium sized patterns to fit a Barbie doll. The wait can be pulled tighter by using rubber bands. The patterns usually come with lines indicating the various sections of the clothing.
  2. Cut the pieces. Cut the pattern into the component parts. You should end up with a composite of the clothes. Creating the composite and reducing the pattern into small manageable parts is a way to fit the design into a copier machine. For beginners, you should try to work with basic clothing patterns such as shirts. Once you have mastered these basic items, you can move on to more detailed costumes such as dresses and gowns which have more sections and more complex composites.
  3. Reduce. Take the composite pieces of the clothing pattern and arrange them on a copying machine. Most copying machines today come with an enlarge and reduce function that will allow you to reduce the pattern. However, most reduce options will only reduce the pattern to a few percentage from the original. Take the copier print-out and reduce this again. Repeat the process until you arrive at a pattern that will approximate the size of your Barbie doll. Having a doll handy during the reduction process is useful as it will allow you to gauge the size of the doll. Otherwise, you can use the 11 and a half inch measurement as a marker of how large a typical Barbie doll is.
  4. Reassemble. Once the copier has arrived at a pattern that will fit your doll, the next step is to cut the copier print out into small pieces. These small pieces should be glued or taped back on to recreate the original pattern before it was cut into sections. Once the parts have been reassembled, you can use the Barbie sized pattern to create clothing that will fit your child’s Barbie doll perfectly.
  5. Sew. When sewing the actual Barbie doll clothing, keep in mind that you should adjust the stitch settings to fine, since some stitches will take up more cloth space than others. On a figure that is less than twelve inches in size, stitch sizes will really matter. It is also best to pre-wash the fabrics that you will use for the Barbie clothing, unless you will actually run the clothes in the washing machine after creating the costumes.

With some time and patience, creating Barbie dresses and gowns can be done. It will take more detailed patterns and more complex stitching, but by starting with basic patterns such as a shirt, you can end up with complex pieces.


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