How To Make Beaded Wine Glass Charms

Wine glass charms are one of the best ways for you to distinguish one wine glass from another as well as to add a little something to your wine and table setting. These beaded wine glass charms are also very easy to create and are one of the easy ways for you to control and exercise your tastes and creativity when it comes to table setting and party preparations. Here are the steps to creating your own beaded wine glass charms.

  1. Arrange the beads. The first step is to arrange the beads on the top of table. You will need to plot out the design first. Make sure that your design fits into the over-all theme of your table setting, party theme, and the wineglasses and cutlery that you will use. Fine china usually comes with minimal and classy designs such as simple borders on the edges of the ceramic plates. Be on the lookout for these details which can help you to match the types of beads that you will use for your beaded wine glass charms.
  2. Attach. Once this is done, take wire hoop earrings and proceed to insert the beads into the wire hoops. Arrange the beads in the same order that you have plotted earlier. Wire hoop earrings are usually sold in most specialty stores and are very cheap. These also fit the stem of a wineglass perfectly. These also come with a natural hook. Apart from the wire hoop earrings, however, you can also use small wires that you will need to bend yourself to create the hooks and latches.
  3. Create the lock. To create the hooks and latches, you need to take needle nose pliers and use this to fold the ends of the wiring until it forms a corner which your fingers can easily bend to create a small and angular hook. To create the latch, take the needle nose pliers and twist one end of the wires to form a small circle that hugs the tip of the pliers. Once this round shape has been made, twist the wire again to seal off the circle. The angled edge can then be inserted into this hole to create a closed off circle that will fit into the stem of your wine glass perfectly.
  4. Color combinations. Another important detail to keep in mind when creating your wine glass charms is that the pieces should be distinct enough from each other to help people keep track of the wine glass that they are drinking from. At the same time, the pieces should have an overarching theme that will complement each other glass. To do this, you can use similar designs and similar types of beads, but the colors for each wine glass should be different. Should you run out of colors, be sure to keep wine glasses with same-colored charms on opposite ends of the table, so that mix-ups will be prevented.

Now that you know how to make your own beaded wine glass charms, decorating your parties and table is easy and at the same time very functional. 


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