How To Make Beddings for a Baby Crib

Bedding for a crib can be expensive. Also, you are not certain if the materials used for the bedding are suitable for your baby's skin. You can create your own bedding for a baby crib. This will also ensure that your baby is comfortable with the material of the bedding for the crib. You can also choose from different designs for the fabric to suit your nursery or the gender of your baby. You do not need special sewing skills to be able to make beddings. You only need basic sewing knowledge.

Here are the steps on how to create beddings for a baby crib:

  1. Materials. The materials you need in order to create baby bedding for a crib are a sewing machine, fabric for the bedding, thread, scissors and a tape measure. Choose a fabric that is soft and that is not itchy so that the baby will be comfortable. You can also choose a design of the fabric that will go well with the furniture in the baby's room. This way, the furniture and the beddings will be coordinated.
  2. Measure. Measure the size of the baby's crib and make sure to have an allowance for the stitches. Cut the fabric that you bought based on the measurements that you got. You can also use the pattern from an old bedding, or you can also use a pattern from different pattern books. This will help you in creating the beddings for the baby crib.
  3. Sew. You can now sew the fabric together. Try the bedding on the crib after sewing each side. This will allow you to make the necessary adjustments needed to create an exact fit for the baby's crib so that it will be snug and nicely fitted. After sewing the beddings, be sure that no needles or pins are left on the fabric.
  4. Before Using. Before using the bedding for the baby's crib, be sure to wash the bedding first to make sure that the bedding will not irritate the skin of the baby. If you want, you can also choose to make pillowcases with the same fabric that you used. This way, you can create a whole set for the baby's crib. You can create baby beddings as a form of baby gifts that you can give. This is a cheap way to create useful presents for other mothers. Another accessory for the baby crib that you can make is a baby blanket. You can place this on the stroller for the baby. This is a good way to personalize baby gear.

These are the steps on how to create bedding for a baby crib. You can make several sets of the baby's bedding to have different alternatives. Creating your own beddings for a baby crib will not only save you a lot of money, but will also help in beautifying the nursery for your baby. It will also help in your creativity.


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