How To Make Beer Coasters into Art

Beer coasters were made to prevent moisture from icy beer from staining table tops, especially antiques that are made from wood that absorbs moisture easily. Throughout the years, however, beer coasters have been made using a wide variety of designs to choose from. Almost every beer producer has its own beer coasters designed with a variety of styles. Beer coasters are also frequent giveaways from local bars, pubs, and even sports team. Because of this, collecting beer coasters has become very popular. Here are ways to make art out of your beer coasters.

  1. Frame. The easiest way to transform your beer coasters into art is by framing them. Choose a frame that will accommodate the number of beer coasters that you will place. In some cases, you may want to purchase a single frame for an entire set of related beer coasters – such as those that come from a single era, or a single producer. There, however, some beer coasters that are pretty distinctive and can be framed by itself. Make sure that the frame you choose has enough space between the backing and the glass to snugly accommodate the coasters.
  2. Attach. Remove the back cover of the frame by unscrewing or unlatching the backing. To attach the beer coasters, use a thin layer of hot glue. If you want to preserve as much detail in the back part of the coaster, apply hot glue on only two points at the back of the coaster, and attach it to the backing of the frame. If you have collector item beer coasters that come with two faces, you can showcase both by using a double sided mirror frame. These are basically pure glass frames that will sandwich the beer coasters. You can attach the beer coasters without any effort by using pressure between the glasses to keep the coasters in place. Once this is done, you can re-attach the frame cover.
  3. Stands. Apart from using picture frames, you can also set up your beer coasters for display by using stands. A number of picture frames that are meant to be displayed on table tops are set on corner holders. These are two “L” shaped pieces that are hinged together and which open to form a 90 degree angle. This allows the stand to maintain an upright position. These also have hooked edges that will allow you to slide the beer coaster into place without it falling off.
  4. Scrapbooking. Another way to easily transform your beer coasters into art items is by including these into your scrapbooks or by creating your own beer coaster portfolio. Make sure that you use a scrap book or portfolio with evenly spaced pages that will not wrinkle with the addition of thick coasters. You should also ensure that the papers used in these portfolios or art books are made of archival substances that are acid free and which will age well.

Decorating your room or displaying your collection of beer coasters can be done without having to pop another can and expose the coasters to unnecessary work. Through these steps, maintaining your collection should be easy.


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