How To Make Beeswax Candles

Beeswax candles are an easy, fun project, that the whole family will enjoy making. With a beautiful glow, nice sweet smell, unique look, and the large variety of colors, they are sure to be a pleasant addition to any decor. Beeswax is made from completely natural materials. They are the easiest candle to make because the wax does not have to be melted. Along with candles there are many beeswax crafts to choose from.
The most common beeswax used when making candles is the honeycomb, which you can purchase in sheets that come in a large variety of colors, available at your local craft stores or online specialty shops. You have to be sure to use the right type of wick when making your candle, squared wicks usually work best, but also keep in mind that wicks come in a variety of lengths and widths, so you will need to determine the size you will need, based on how big your candles will be. To get started You will need, beeswax sheets, craft knife, candle wicks and scissors. Start by cutting the beeswax to the desired length, for smaller votive candles you will need to cut the sheet of beeswax in half lengthwise, if you want a pillar candle do not cut the sheet. Next cut the wick a half inch longer than the height of your candle, then place the wick a fourth of an inch from the edge of the wax, roll the wax around the wick and press tightly, this will hold the wick in place. Continue rolling the wax completely, making sure the bottom edges stay straight. Last, press the edge of the candle into the wax, holding the wick over press the bottom firmly until flat. You are now ready to place and light your new beeswax candle and enjoy.

Though premade beeswax sheets are available, they can be costly, but there are more cost effective methods to making beeswax candles. You can purchase beeswax pellets and melt them down to make the sheets yourself or put into a mold to form any shape you like. Poured beeswax candles burn slower than the premade wax, they will also have the appearance of regular paraffin wax candles. This method, though it may be more cost efficient, it is significantly more time consuming but definitely worth it if you are on a budget. No matter which method you choose it will be fun and something for others to admire and also something that you will also feel proud of. When someone asks you where you got your beeswax candles, you can say that "I made them". They are sure to ask if you can make them some too or even teach them how to make them.


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