How To Make Birthday Hats

One of the best ways to spruce up a birthday party for your kid is by using decorative birthday hats. These birthday hats are not only very easy to make but are also one of the best ways of showcasing whatever theme you have chosen for your little one. The hats can also act as memorabilia that you can easily store in scrapbooks after use. Here are the steps to making your own birthday hats.

  1. Create a cone. Take a piece of cardboard paper and make a cone with it. To do this, you should measure the outer circumference of the base of the cone. This measurement should correspond with the size of the heads of the guests for the birthday party. To make a cone from the paper, use a pencil tied with a string to a tack. The length of the string will be the height of the cone. Place the tack on the center of the paper and then create a circle using the pencil. Once this is done, cut out the piece of paper. From the center of the circle, cut off a wedge. When you join the edges of the figure, you will have a cone. The length of the wedge that you will cut off will determine how tight or how loose the hat will be. Use clear plastic tape to connect the edges of the paper birthday hat.
  2. Add the brim. Now that you have the cone, the next step is to add the brim for the hat. To do this, you need to take your pencil and string. Use it to create another circle. Then, add a few more inches to the string and create another circle that is larger than the first.  From this, you should arrive at a donut shaped figure. Cut this out and fit it over the cone. Again, use tape to secure the brim of the hat in place. Apart from the brim, you can also punch holes at two opposite sides of the hat cone. Here, insert rubber strings which will help keep the hats secured on the heads of your kid’s birthday party guests.
  3. Add decorations. No birthday party hat is complete without decoration. One of the activities that you can actually add to the birthday program is the hat making. You can even make a contest out of it. Just be sure that you prepare coloring materials, pencils, glitter, and stickers. You can allow your kids to run wild with their imaginations and create their own perfect birthday hat. You can also add ribbons and any other trinket that you can think of. Otherwise, you can decorate the birthday hats yourself. If you are going to decorate a large batch of birthday hats, one of the best ways to do this is by using gift wrapping paper. Cut this in the same size as the cone and the brim and use glue to secure it in place.

Through these easy steps, getting a cheap and easy to make birthday hat that fits whatever theme you have chosen for your child’s birthday party is easy.


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