How To Make Birthday Picture Cards

Personalized birthday invitations are popular these days. While generic cartoon-character cards bought over the counter are cheap and easy to write on, these just don’t give the same impression as a birthday picture card. When you use your own picture as an invitation, your invitees feel as if the invitation itself is part of the celebration, and it can be something to remember you by.

Birthday picture cards are especially popular with children. When you’re inviting your kid’s classmates, friends and younger relatives, sending out a birthday picture card would definitely be fun. Creating one can be fun, too. Here are a few things you need:

  • A printer
  • Photo paper (or thick, cardboard grade paper)
  • Envelopes
  • Cutter
  • Photo editing software
  • A digital photo of the birthday celebrant
  • Background images

Creating the image. Birthday picture cards should basically include the picture of the celebrant. But what will make it more interesting if you can add in an interesting background. For a children’s party, cartoon backgrounds would be appropriate. You can search for cartoon clipart and images on free image sites like Google Images, and save these into your hard drive. For grownups, perhaps an image with friends or family would be better.

You can open the image on any good photo editing software like Adobe Photoshop, and you can copy the picture of your child, and paste this onto the cartoon background. If you’re not much for backgrounds, you can try using effects, like making your picture look like a painting, or adding a frame. On some computers, like Macs, you can use the built-in Photo Booth application to capture your image on the webcam, and even apply frames and effects on the fly.

Laying out the image.
For printing purposes, set the paper size to your intended invitation size. Most of the time, these are in 4R format, which means five inches by four inches. You can choose early on whether to use a landscape format or a portrait orientation. Once you have finished laying out the image itself, you will need to add some text. Indicate here the occasion (whose birthday is it), the date, time and venue. It would help if you can add certain effects to your text, such as a shadow or frame, because it might be difficult to read, with a graphical background.

Printing. Once you’ve laid out the image and the text, it’s time to print out the picture. Colored inkjets or laserjet printers would be excellent for printing out photo card invitations. If you have photo paper, then you can use these. Otherwise, you can use cardboard grade paper. If you print out the pictures on letter-sized cardboard, then you would have to cut these into 5x4 pieces with the cutter.

Assuming you’ve finished laying out your image and text, you can also bring the picture to your neighborhood photo shop and have the image developed. This might be easier, but might also be more expensive.

Packaging and sending. You can stuff your photo invitations on standard 4x5 sized envelopes. If most of your friends are online, you can even send the invitations through email. Don’t forget to write an RSVP note, so you know which guests will be coming.

Holding a birthday party can be fun, whether it’s for kids or for adults. It’s a chance to get together with friends and family. Having a photo card as an invitation ads to the uniqueness, and the photo can be considered memorabilia.


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