How To Make Blacklight Paint

A black light paint can be handy in concealing some visuals. Its fluorescent property allows it to glow under a black light. Although it may appear ordinary under normal lighting conditions, it is termed as luminous and bright under the black light. The use of black light paint ranges from monetary uses to simple tickets. On the other hand, you can enhance the “fantasy- like” effect of a certain area by using black light paint alone.

Here are some easy to follow steps in making black light paint.

  • Prepare the materials you will need for this project. Making your very own black light paint is nothing complicated. Find the following: ordinary poster paints in any color of your choice, brightening agent, water, a cup, a stirring rod, and a paint brush. If you have any trouble finding a brightening agent, find some detergent instead and read the label for any “brightening effect” indicated. Usually it contains brightening properties used for clothes to make them appear cleaner for the consumer.
  • Dissolve the brightening agent by mixing it with water. Use as much brightening agent as your amount of water can adequately dissolve. Water-based paints include most paints use for crafts as well as latex and acrylic. If you can find a liquid form, it will make things simpler as you will use it as it is.
    If your base paint is oil-based, do not use water in dissolving the brightening agent. Rather, directly use the paint to dissolve the agent. Add it directly to the jar and stir thoroughly so it will mix and dissolve well into the paint.
  • Combine a small amount of the resulting mixture of the liquid form or dissolved powder brightener with a full jar of paint. A stirring rod is perfect for mixing the two ingredients together.
  • Measure the glow power of the paint by holding it against a black light while the room lights are turned off. Prevent other sources of lights. Check the windows, and close the curtains to prevent any natural light from coming in.
  • You can purchase a black light source. There are many styles available on market. There is the compact fluorescent black light in different sizes and shapes.
  • If you think you will need more glow, add more brightener mixture. Arrange again for a preview of the glowing properties of your black paint. Sometimes, you just have to keep on adding gradually until you notice that it isn’t doing any increase in its brightening effect anymore.
  • Be mindful of the amount of detergent brightener mixture that you have added to a certain amount of paint. This knowledge will allow you to increase your production of black light paint in the future by using the same ratio formula.

Making your own black light paint gives you the chance to play with a variety of colors without too many expenses involve. Holiday parties will sure benefit from this project. It may also be of help with costume designs. Depending on your creativity, introduce more black paint types and colors. This project may have lots of uses, prepare for proper storage if you didn’t use it all, the first time you used it.


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