How To Make Board Game Greeting Cards

If you are tired of the same old Hallmark greeting cards for these coming holidays, try making your own greeting cards. This is an inexpensive and very fun way to get in touch with others, warm up the hearts of old friends, and express your creativity.  A type of greeting card that you should try is the board game greeting card, which game lovers like you will appreciate. Whether you are a fan of Scrabble, Boggle, Life, Monopoly, Deck of Cards or any other board game, you can transform these games into cards. Here is how.

  1. Get photographs. The first step is to get photographs of the board game of your choice. Be creative when taking the photograph. For instance, you can spell out your message for your friend on the Scrabble board. Or, you can stack the Jinga pieces very high if you want to motivate a friend. On a Monopoly board game, on the other hand, you can add photograph the winning piece on a winning spot on the board game. Once the photographs are taken, transfer the image into your computer.
  2. Edit. Use an image editor such as Adobe Photoshop to edit the photographs that you have taken. Begin by cleaning out the image, which you can do by pressing the ‘Image’ tab. Go to the ‘Adjustments’ menu and then open the ‘Levels’ tab. Once the ‘Levels’ panel is on-screen, you can adjust the shadows, gray areas, and white areas in the photograph. You can also change the picture mode to gray scale, or add filters, effects, and screens into the image. Once the image is presentable, you can lay out the photograph in another software such as Adobe InDesign. This will help you to place the text and arrange the image within the card itself. Save the file and then proceed to printing.
  3. Print. When printing your board game greeting cards, use pre-cut and pre-folded card paper. These are available in most arts and crafts shops. The advantage with pre-cut and pre-folded card paper is that these are strong enough to handle shipping and mailing, and have clean lines and folds. These also come in many colors and are usually very inexpensive. Just make sure that you orient the paper into the printer properly, so that the image will print on the correct side. Once the cover has been printed, turn the page over and print the other side of the greeting card on the same paper.
  4. Decorate. Add some finishing touches on your greeting cards by using glitters, colored pens, decorative scissors, and stickers. Of course, one of the best finishing touches that you can add on the greeting card is your personalized message and your signature. Keep in mind that you should not only decorate the card itself but also the envelope where you will send the letter. As much as possible, use the same theme that you have used in the greeting card.

This coming holidays, make your invitations and greeting cards stand out by customizing and making your own cards based on board games.


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