How To Make Bottle Cap Magnets

Do you like collecting magnets just for fun?  Do you have the habit of placing them on your refrigerator’s door?  Well, here’s good news for you.  You don’t need to buy them anymore.  You can actually make them on your own – using bottle caps!

Yes, instead of simply throwing your bottle caps, you can recycle them and you can create wonderful decorative crafts out of them.  Here are some tips on how you can make your bottle cap magnets:

  • Step 1.  Visit your nearby craft store.  Look for magnets.  Buy the round ones.  Check out if they can be readily placed inside your bottle caps.  If the available magnet pieces are too big, don’t worry.  You can simply cut them up into tiny strips.  Of course, you need to measure the strips before you start cutting them up.
  • Step 2.  Get a strip or a piece of magnet.  Inspect it.  Find out which of its two sides can make it stick to your refrigerator’s door.  Remember that side.  You have to spread your glue on the non-magnetic face.  That’s the side or part that needs to stick to your bottle cap.  Meanwhile, you should expose the magnetic side since it is the one that has to adhere to your refrigerator’s door.
  • Step 3.  Gather your bottle caps.  See if you have some at home.  You can also ask your friends if they can spare you some.  It is exciting if your bottle caps are varied.  Eventually, you may start looking for the rare stuff, especially if you wish to build your collection.
  • Step 4.  Bring out your glue gun.  Use it so you can conveniently attach a magnet into a bottle cap.  Here is a simple trick.  Put a small dab of glue inside a bottle cap.  After a while, put the magnet into the bottle cap.  See if you are sticking the non-magnetic side.  Use your finger to slightly press the magnet. Hold it there for a while so the magnet firmly adheres to the glue. Remove your finger once the glue dried up.
  • Step 5.  Don’t immediately place the bottle cap on your refrigerator’s door.  Allot at least an hour so that the glue can set properly into the bottle cap.  If you attempt to stick it promptly to your refrigerator’s door, the magnet has the tendency to come off.  You are just going to end up re-gluing the magnet to the bottle cap.  So, be patient and what a while.
  • Step 6.  Repeat Steps 4 and 5 so you can prep up your remaining bottle caps.

Determine if your bottle caps are “special.”  If they are difficult to find, then, you can display them as they are.  However, if they are too “ordinary”, then, you may opt to decorate them.  You can add some glitters, photos, or stickers on the face of your bottle caps.  You can even glue some googly eyes on them and if your creative juices are flowing, you can complete drawing the face using a marking pen.  You can do some more and show different moods and emotions.  It is certainly amusing!


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