How To Make Bridal Capes for Wedding Gowns

Making a bridal cape for your wedding can be a very simple process, as long a you have basic sewing skills. This great idea for a fall or winter wedding since it will be cold and you won't want to wear a coat over your dress. Here are some very simple steps to help you create this important wedding item.

First, measure your wedding dress lengthwise, and then measure the widest area of your skirt. You will also need to measure from the top of your head to the base of your spine. When you take the measurements of your head be sure that you are wearing your headpiece and if you are planning to wear a hairpiece, be sure you are wearing your hair accordingly to create the same height.

Next you will measure the cloth that you are using to match the measurements of your gown, adding in four inches for the seams. Fold this piece of cloth in half and divide the width of your dress in half as well. Cut the cloth to measure the width of the gown with an extra two inches for the seams. You will do this for the outer fabric and for the satin lining.

Now you will sew the lining and the fabric together and hem the outer edges with a one to one and one half inch seam.

When you have completed this you will then fold the cape in half and line the top edge up to create the hood. This will also be hemmed with a one to one and a half inch seam. Taking into account the measurements of your head will determine the neckline of the cape. You will use this to measure the fabric of the cape from the hood seam down to the neckline, and in this spot put in the seam.

Once you have created the seam you will then put in ribbon or silk rope to create a drawstring for the cape. After you have finished these steps it is time to embellish the cape. This can be done by adding strands of crafting pearls, lace, or appliqués. These embellishments are of course optional and should help to match the cape to the style of your dress. By making the cape for your wedding you will be able to save money as well as personalize the cape.


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