How To Make Bugs Bunny Balloon Animals

Are you tired of the usual Bugs Bunny stuffed toys? Well here’s something to break the monotony—a Bugs Bunny balloon animal. It will not just be any balloon animal. It will be made by you. Just follow the steps below and you’ll see how easy it is to make a Bugs Bunny balloon animal:

  • Inflate four 260 balloons. You’ll need balloons for the face/body, long ears, arms, and legs. Don’t fully inflate them, though, or you might pop the balloons when twisting. You may use different colors or use only one color.
  • Make the ears. Tie the ends of one balloon with a rubber band so you can make a doughnut-shaped balloon. Make a number “8” by twisting this balloon in half.
  • Make the arms and legs. Grab one tip of a balloon and twist it so you’ll have about an inch of small ball. Hold on to that small ball and then fold the balloon to about two inches on each fold. Twist this fold and twist it again with the small ball. Follow the same step for the other end. Fold the balloon in half and grab about an inch from the folded tip. Twist it and the arms will have its separate sides. Follow the same procedures when making the legs.
  • Make the face. Grab the tied tip and twist it to make about two-inch small balloon for the nose. Hold on to it as you make the cheeks. Fold the balloon to the same size as the nose. Twist it. Make another cheek by folding and twisting just the same as the first. Twist the two cheeks so that they’ll take the place of the other. This provides added security.
  • Add the facial details. Fix the folded and twisted parts of the balloons so that the nose will be on the cheeks’ center. Make the eyes over the cheeks by twisting the balloon to create about two-inch long oblong. Hold that twist and then grab the ears. Put the ear balloon’s twisted middle over the twisted part for the first eye. Twist the two together so that the ears will be over the eye. Twist the balloon again to make the other eye. The two oblong-shaped twisted parts should be level for the perfect eye effect. Twist the shapes for secured face and ears. The untwisted part of the balloon should fall from the head so that making the neck and body will be a breeze.
  • Attach the arms and legs. Twist another small round from the face/body balloon for the neck. Hold on to that as you attach the arms balloon’s middle part to the twisted end for the neck. Twist the two together. The arms should end up spreading forward just below the face.

Meanwhile, fold the remaining portion of the balloon so that its tip will meet the twist for the arms. Grab from the folded edge and then twist about three inches from it. This will leave some portion of the balloon for the tummy. There is also a left portion from the balloon’s tip. Push it into the hole so that the folded edge is filled. This will be Bugs Bunny’s behind. Attach the legs’ middle at the end of the twisted tummy.

The essentials for the Bugs Bunny balloon animal are done. Just a little more twisting here and there will perfect your creation.


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