How To Make Butterfly Balloon Animals

Butterflies are among the most favorite insects. No doubt about that because it is also one of the most beautiful insects in the world. Young and old, boys and girls—everyone adores a butterfly. Making a butterfly balloon animal will surely be a hit at any party or even when you just want to pass the time. The best part of all, making one is very easy yet the result is so fantastic. Here’s how to make a butterfly balloon animal:

  • Inflate two 260 balloons. But do not fully inflate them. Leave about eight inches from the tip without too much air. The two tips will serve as the antennae. Tie the end of each balloon to secure the air in.
  • Twist the two balloons together. Do this by making a little bubble at the tied tip of each of the two inflated balloons. Twist the two little bubbles together so you’ll have one long balloon.
  • Wrap the long balloon around a child’s head or anything round. Twist the end together—leaving you with an oblong-shaped balloon with two tails.
  • Create the butterfly’s big eyes. Again, put the balloon around a child’s head to make this next twisting easier. Hold one tail up and make a little bubble by pinching and twisting near the twisted end. Do the same for the other tail. Twist the two little bubbles together to secure the eyes. At this point, you should have the butterfly’s body, eyes, and unfinished antennae.
  • Make the butterfly’s antennae. Pinch a small bubble from the end of the longer inflated part on top of the eyes. Push the small bubble until it reaches the end. Do the same for the other antennae. This creates two pompoms at the ends, making the antennae more realistic.
  • Inflate another two 260 balloons. This time, leave about an inch of each balloon’s tip not-so-inflated. You’ll need that for adjusting on the twists and tying the two balloons together. Tie each balloon to secure the air.
  • Connect the two balloons together. Make a small bubble from the tied tip of the balloons. Join the two balloons together using their small bubble.
  • Attach the tied balloons to the butterfly’s body. Twist the wings’ two bubbles with the butterfly’s eyes. This is your way to attach the wings to the butterfly’s body.
  • Tie the other ends of the wings together. Remember the space left when inflating the two balloons? Use that to tie the two balloons together so that you can make a big circle out of the two balloons.
  • Slide the newly joint portion under the butterfly’s behind. Make small bubbles again at the edge for more secured connection. At this point, the butterfly should already have a pair of imperfect wings.
  • Shape the wings. Take each wing’s center and fold it off the center. This should make a curve for the wings. This is also the perfect time to do more twisting and folding to secure the wings and other parts of the butterfly’s body.

This butterfly balloon can be worn as a hat or can be put on anything round as a decoration. The point is, you finally have a beautiful butterfly balloon to add uniqueness to your party decorations.


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