How To Make Button Wall Art

Make Whimsical Wall Art Using Buttons and a Muffin Tin.

For those who like buttons this simple project is a great way to showcase a few of your favorite buttons.

Step 1

Gather your supplies.

  • Muffin tin (make sure it is ferrous if you want the rusted look)
  • Vinegar or bleach
  • Spray acrylic finish
  • Drill
  • Paint (if you are creating a non-rusted hanging)
  • Wire or thread
  • Twine
  • Buttons

Step 2

Drill holes in the center of each muffin cup. Drill holes in two corners for the hanger.

Step 3

If you are making a rusted piece of wall art, spray or pour vinegar or bleach on the muffin tin and then place it in the sun to dry and begin rusting. Repeat the process until you have the desired amount of rust. When you are satisfied with the rusty quality of the muffin tin, spray it with 2-3 coats of acrylic finish to halt the rusting process and to prevent rust stains on any surfaces the tin comes in contact with.If you don't desire rust, skip this step entirely and go to step 4.

Note: This will not work with a non-ferrous muffin tin. If you are uncertain whether or not the muffin is made with iron, test it with a magnet. If the magnet sticks, you know that the muffin tin can be rusted.

Step 4

If you do not want to rust the muffin tin, paint it.

Step 5

Select the buttons you want to feature and arrange them in the muffin cups until you find the arrangement that pleases you.

Step 6

Use the wire or thread to ‘sew' (tie) the buttons into their muffin cup. The easiest way to ‘sew' the buttons on is by using a small button on the back as an anchor.

Step 7

Run a piece of twine through the two hanging holes to create a hanger. Hide the holes for the hanger by using buttons or beads.

Ideas and Suggestions

  • If you use wire to ‘sew’ the buttons into their muffin cups, it would be a good idea to glue a piece of felt over each ‘knot’ so that the wire doesn’t scratch the wall.
  • Shanked buttons are a great way to hide the holes that the hanger is threaded through.
  • Experiment. Try presenting the buttons on the bottom side of the cups and hang the muffin tin on the wall backwards.
  • If you wanted to do this project with children, you could just glue the buttons into or onto the muffin cups rather than ‘sewing’ them on. For more safety and ease when doing this with children, avoid drilling the hanging holes; try to find muffin tins that already have hanging holes.


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